27th meeting of TC 1.6 "Mass and Related Quantities": 27-28 September, combined format (VNIIM, Russia & ONLINE)



21th meeting of TC 1.4 "Flow Measurement":
13 October 2023, online.

COOMET Strategy

The activities of COOMET are carried out in line with the COOMET Strategy and COOMET Development Programmes for a period of two or three years approved by the COOMET Committee.


COOMET Strategy for 2020-2025

Roadmap for implementation of COOMET Strategy for 2020-2025


COOMET Development Program for 2023-2025 (CООМЕТ Program CООМЕТ P1/2023)

COOMET Webinar for the discussion of a draft COOMET Strategy for 2020-2025

13 July, 2020 (10:00 – 14:00, GMT+3).


Webinar Program

Letter of COOMET President

Webinar presentation

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