18th meeting of TC 1.7 "Photometry and Radiometry" (—Āombined format: VNIIOFI (Moscow, Russia) and online): 12-14 October 2021



15th online meeting of TC 1.1 "General Metrology"
and webinar of implementation of the CIPM MRA documents: 15 October 2021

COOMET objectives

  • To contribute to effectively solving problems of the uniformity of measures, uniformity and required accuracy of measurements.
  • To contribute to establishing closer cooperation between the national economies and removing technical barriers to international trade.
  • To harmonise the activities of Metrology Services on the basis of international arrangements.

COOMET tasks

The tasks of COOMET are to strengthen the links between the National Metrology Institutions interested in solving common problems and to create effective mechanisms in order to:

  • achieve compatibility of measurement standards and harmonise the requirements imposed on measuring instruments and methods for their metrological control;
  • recognise the equivalence of national certificates authenticating the results of metrological activities;
  • exchange information on the current status of National Metrology Services and their development;
  • collaborate in developing metrological projects;
  • promote the exchange of metrological services.
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