26th meeting of TC 1.12 "Reference Materials":

24-25 August 2021 (сombined format: Krasnoyarsk, Russia and online).



18th meeting of TC 1.4 "Flow Measurement":

1 September 2021 (сombined format: VNIIR- branch of VNIIM and online).

Schedule of meetings of COOMET steering and structural bodies in 2021

Name of event


NMI, city, country or online format

31st COOMET Committee meeting

15-17 Junе

held online

32nd extraordinary COOMET Committee meeting 26 October online

Seminar "30 years to COOMET"

15 June

held online

27th Presidential Council meeting 10-11 March held online

28th Presidential Council meeting

24-25 November being specified (decision on the format or venue will be made in view of the situation  with the Covid-19 pandemic)
20th meeting of Joint Committee for Measurement Standards 3 June held online

TC 1.1 "General Metrology"

13 October

VNIIM, Saint Petersburg, Russia, or online

(decision on the format or venue will be made in view of the situation  with the Covid-19 pandemic)

TC 1.2 "Acoustics, Ultrasound, Vibration"

29-30 September


TC 1.3 "Electricity and Magnetism"

5-6 October

being specified

TC 1.4 "Flow Measurement"

24 March

held online
1 September

Combined format:

VNIIR- branch of VNIIM, Kazan, Russia and online

TC 1.5 "Length and Angle"


being specified

TC 1.6 "Mass and Related Quantities"



TС 1.7 "Photometry and Radiometry" September VNIIOFI, Moscow, Russia

TC 1.8 "Physical Chemistry"

20-21 September VNIIM, Saint Petersburg, Russia

TC 1.9 "Ionizing Radiation and Radioactivity"

Late October - Early November online

TC 1.10 "Thermometry and Thermal Physics"

Late October being specified

TC 1.11 "Time and Frequency"

21-22 October


TC 1.12 "Reference Materials"

24-25 August

Combined format: Krasnoyarsk,Russia and online

TC 2 "Legal Metrology" 7-8 April held online
27-28 September online
Quality Forum 28 January held online

Quality Forum and TC 3.1 "Quality Forum Technical Committee"

4 March

held online
November being specified

TC 4 "Information and Training"

10-11 February held online
November UzNIM, Uzbekistan, or online (final decision on the format or venue of the meeting will be made in view of the situation with the Covid-19 pandemic)


Proposed subject of the training activity Possible venue Timeframe

The practice of implementation of the documents

of the CIPM MRA and COOMET on carrying out

and evaluation of results of calibration and comparison

ONLINE October 2021

The practice of implementation of the CIPM MRA

documents regulating the activities of NMIs on the

procedure for СМС preparing and calculation of t

he uncertainty budget

ONLINE Autumn 2021

The procedure for verification and calibration

of medical measuring instruments

ONLINE September 2021

Pipette dispensers. Uncertainty evaluation

during calibration

Online format is possible October 2021

National time scales, calibration of comparison


being specified 2021
6 Workshop on training on typo3 platform ONLINE September 2021

Workshop on digital transformation in metrology

for young COOMET metrologists

Online format is possible Autumn 2021


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