Schedule of training activities for 2024

Proposed subject of the training activity Venue/format Timeframe
1 The procedure for verification and calibration of medical measuring instruments ONLINE April 2024
2 Digital thermohygrometers and electronic medical thermometers calibration (online course) ONLINE 2024
3 Digital Transformation in Metrology being specified 2024
4 Metrological support for gas analyzers being specified 2024
5 COOMET seminar “Current state of the kilogram redefinition and progress in starting its implementation (simultaneously with the meeting of the TC 1.6) being specified 2024-2025 (within TC 1.6 meeting)
6 Digitalization during registration of measurement results (database, calibration certificate, electronic seals verification certificate, measurement protocols) being specified being specified
7 Joint COOMET-APLMF-WELMEC seminar on sharing the experience in market surveillance being specified being specified
8 New methods for low frequency vibration calibration being specified being specified
9 Optical method for microphone calibration being specified being specified
10 COOMET seminar/webinar for COOMET auditors and TEs on peer review of QMS of COOMET NMIs/DIs being specified 2024-2025
11 OIML Certification System online 2024
12 Seminar on dosimetry being specified February 2024(within TC 1.9 meeting)
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