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21st online meeting of TC 2 "Legal Metrology": 7-8 April 2021

List of past training activities within COOMET

Training Activity



COOMET Webinar on the exchange of working experience with KCDB 2.0 for the Chairs of COOMET TCs26 January 2021ONLINE
COOMET webinar on KCDB 2.0 for TC 1.6 " Mass and Related Quantities ", TC 1.4 " Flow Measurement ", TC 1.5 " Length and Angle ", TC 1.3 " Electricity and Magnetism "

8 October


COOMET Webinar «The new definition of the kilogram and its impact to the mass metrology» for TC 1.6 " Mass and Related Quantities ".

6 October


COOMET webinar to discuss the possible fields of joint scientific research23 September 2020ONLINE
COOMET webinar on KCDB 2.0 for TC 1.7 "Photometry and Radiometry"17 September 2020ONLINE
COOMET webinar to discuss the draft COOMET Strategy for 2020-202513 July 2020ONLINE
Online BIPM-COOMET Course on the issues, related to the new platform KCDB 2.0, for Chairpersons of COOMET Technical Committees and technical experts on CMC review25-27 May 2020ONLINE
COOMET seminar "Drawing up CMC entries, passing intra- and interregional review to publish new and modify existing CMC entries" within TC 1.3 "Electricity and Magnetism"22-24 October 2019Chisinau, Moldova
COOMET Seminar "COOMET Tasks in the Light of the redefinition of the International System of Units (SI)"3 October 2019Saint Petersburg, Russia
COOMET Workshop "The determination of reverification intervals in legal metrology"11 September 2019Kiev, Ukraine
Workshop "CIPM MRA review outcomes: comparisons and CMCs" within TC 1.7 "Photometry and Radiometry"10 September 2019Bratislava, Slovakia
Seminar on current issues in the field of humidity measurements within TC 1.10 "Thermometry and Thermal Physics"29 August 2019Irkutsk, Russia
COOMET Seminar on the current issues of metrology, problems, state and development of measurements in the field of acoustics, ultrasound and vibration in countries/regional centers,  represented in COOMET29 August 2019VNIIFTRI, Mendeleevo, Russia
Workshop "Small volumes "piston pipettes" and "multi dispensers"23-25 July 2019Wolfen, Germany
VIII International Competition "Best Young Metrologist of COOMET"5-6 June 2019Kazan, Russia
Workshop on the implementation of new version of ISO 17034:201614 May 2019Moscow, Russia
Workshop within BIPM CB&KT Program for the Chairpersons of TC 1.1 – TC 1.12, TC 3.1 due to the expected revision of the CIPM MRA2 April 2019Dresden, Germany
Workshop for COOMET auditors and technical experts27-28 March 2019Chisinau, Moldova
PTB-COOMET Workshop on the new version of ISO/IEC 17025:2017 and ISO 17034:20165-7 February 2019Braunschweig, Germany
Training Workshop on Food Safety Measurement Standards and Technologies21 October – 9 November 2018Beijing, China
Workshop "Redefinition of the SI units"4 September 2018Varadero, Cuba
BIPM course "Train the trainer": transitioning to ISO/IEC 17025:2017 in the CIPM MRA23-24 May 2018BIPM, Sevres, France
International Conference OIML-СООМЕТ "Worldwide uniform requirements on prepackages - Basis for fair trade and consumer protection"16 May 2018Moscow, Russia
COOMET seminar on the OIML Certification System (OIML-CS) "Promoting Global Harmonization for Measuring Instruments"15 May 2018Moscow, Russia
COOMET - BIPM Workshop "Sound beginning in the CIPM MRA" 10 April 2018Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina
Workshop on calibration of small volumes6-8 March 2018Wolfen, Germany
Seminar for the Directors of NMIs of COOMET Member Countries and the Chairpersons of COOMET TCs on the procedure and conditions of participation in the Program EMPIR4 December 2017Braunschweig, Germany
VII International Competition "The Best Young Metrologist of COOMET"17-18 May 2017Astana, Kazakhstan
Seminar "Status quo of Legal Metrology in COOMET Member Countries. Legal Regulations for Medical Devices with Measuring Functions. Legal Regulations for Devices with Measuring Functions in Testing Laboratories"27-28 September 2016Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Seminar "Preparation and CMC review in the field of Photo- and Radiometry"25 May 2016Chisinau, Moldova
Workshop "Evaluations of accuracy and measurement uncertainty"12-13 April 2016Minsk, Belarus
Seminar on revision of ISO/IEC 1702530 September - 1 October 2015Braunschweig, Germany
Seminar "Testing of software for measuring instruments"22–23 September 2015 Minsk, Belarus
Seminar "Ensuring traceability during the verification and calibration of weighing instruments"4 August 2015Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

VI International Competition "The Best Young Metrologist of COOMET 2015"

17–18 June 2015 Kyiv, Ukraine 
Seminar, devoted to the 15th anniversary of CIPM MRA26 May 2015Khudjand, Tajikistan

Seminar on the training of the COOMET internal Auditors

25–26 November 2014 

Baku, Azerbaijan 

Seminar "Awareness Activities in COOMET Member States: Experiences and Recommendations"

23 October 2014 

Yerevan, Armenia 

Seminar on measurements and comparisons of electrical resistance standards

14–16 October 2014 

Braunschweig, Germany 

Seminar "Measuring systems in legal metrology"

16–17 September 2014  

Moscow, Russia  

Seminar on Progress of Key, Supplementary and Pilot Comparisons in Mass and Management of Comparisons and CMC Review Processes

2 September 2014 

Braunschweig, Germany

Joint COOMET-BIPM Seminar "Efficient Management of Comparisons and CMC Review Processes in COOMET"

15 April 2014

Yekaterinburg, Russia
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