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VIII International Competition "The Best Young Metrologist of COOMET"

On June 5–6, 2019, the VIII International Competition "The Best Young Metrologist of COOMET 2019" was held in Kazan (Russian Federation) on the basis of FSUE "VNIIR".

The event was opened by COOMET Vice-President - Deputy Head of Rosstandart S.Golubev, who acquainted the participants of the competition with its two-day program and wished the participants a success.

During the first day of competition, the Scientific Committee composed of representatives of metrological organizations of several European countries evaluated reports on scientific works devoted to various aspects of the research of measurements of electromagnetic fields, laser radiation, fluid and gas consumption, parameters of deflections of surfaces of bodies, assessment of the quality of coatings and a number of others used in various sectors of the economy and activities of daily living of society.

In total, over twenty young specialists from the NMIs of COOMET member-countries took part in the Competition. COOMET expects that this event will contribute to the active participation of young scientists in addressing topical issues of ensuring the uniformity of measurements, developing the standard base, legal metrology and finally eliminating technical barriers in international trade through constructive cooperation of metrological services of Euro-Asian countries.

On the second day the results of the competition were summarized.

Members of the Scientific Committee, chaired by COOMET President V. Gurevich, performed a comprehensive assessment of the papers heard by applicants for the high title of winner and prize-winners of the VIII International Competition "The Best Young Metrologist of COOMET 2019".

The selection of the best papers was carried out on the basis of a number of criteria grouped on the basis of paper’s innovation (importance, scientific novelty, originality, potential for international cooperation) and the quality of its presentation (structural and scientific validity, quality of design and presentation).

Based on an objective consideration of the positions of all members of Scientific Committee, the winner of “The Best Young Metrologist of COOMET” competition for achievements in the field of scientific and metrological activities that contribute to the development of science and cooperation of COOMET member countries, with awarding the 1st degree diploma to Tonkonog Mikhail, FSUE VNIIR", Russian Federation.

The winner of the competition with awarding a diploma of the 2nd degree was Sosnovsky Artem, BelGIM, Republic of Belarus, and the winner with awarding a diploma of the 3rd degree was Guskova Ekaterina, FSUE "VNIIMS", Russian Federation.

Two special prizes and diplomas in the nomination "For the best report in English" were awarded to Groppa Tatyana, FSUE VNIIOFI, Russian Federation, and Alexey Ivanov, FSUE VNIIOFI, Russian Federation.

After the competition, the participants visited the standard base of FSUE "VNIIR", where they visited the state primary and primary special standards used to ensure the uniformity of flow and quantity measurements of liquid, gas, gas-liquid flows, as well as information on ongoing research projects to improve national metrological base.

At the end of the award ceremony in the second half of June 6, the participants of the competition took part in a scientific-practical conference on contemporary problems and prospects for the development of metrology, during which COOMET President V. Gurevich reported, as well as COOMET Vice-President - Deputy Head of Rosstandart S. Golubev, and a number of representatives of the metrological organizations of Germany, France, Russia.

According to the feedback of participants of the Competition, the event was held at a high scientific and organizational level, which was greatly facilitated by the coordinated work of the members of the Organizing Committee and the efforts of the host party in the person of the management and staff of FSUE "VNIIR".


Minutes No 1        Minutes No 2


Annotations of participants papers

Belarus - V.Movlamov, E.Shavilkov, F.Sosnovskiy

Kazakhstan - Ye.Matsepura

Russia - N.Anyutin, I.Aronov, F.Dunaev, I.Fedorov, S.Fedorov, T.Groppa, E.Guskova, A.Ivanov, R.Korneev, V.Kyvyrzhik, M.Mazanov, A.Mingaleev, M.Murzabekov, D.Novikov, F.Smirnov, E.Tishchenko, M.Tonkonog 


Scientific Committee

HUREVICH Valery, Belarus, COOMET

GOLUBEV Sergey, Russia, COOMET

ĎURIŠ Stanislav, Slovakia, EURAMET

ZHAGORA Nikolay, Belarus, COOMET


KUANBAYEV Chingis, France, BIPM




FAFURIN Viktor, Russia, COOMET


Program of Competition


Information Letter about OrgCommittee of Competition


Information Letter about Competition


Recommendation CОOMET R/GM/18:2013 "Procedure for the International Competition "The Best Young Metrologist of COOMET"



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