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Meeting of TC 1.8 "Physical chemistry":

22-23 of May, 2019, VNIIM, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.


  • protection of the rights and legitimate interests of the citizens, the established law, order and economy of the Republic of Azerbaijan from negative consequences of doubtful measurement results;
  • assistance to scientific and technical and economic progress on the basis of application of the state standards of units and use of measurement results of high and guaranteed accuracy expressed in the units admitted for application in the country;
  • creation of favourable conditions for international and inter-regional relations;
  • regulation of relations of the state bodies of the Republic of Azerbaijan with legal and physical persons in the field of development, manufacture, checking, test, operation, repair, sale, import and export of measuring instruments;
  • creation of conditions for mutual recognition of results of tests, verifications and calibrations with a view of elimination of technical barriers in bilateral and multilateral external economic relations.

In the field of metrology, according to the legislation, the State Committee for Standardization, Metrology and Patent of the Republic of Azerbaijan is assigned the following functions:


  • definition of the general metrological requirements to measuring instruments, measurement methods and results;
  • development and carrying out of the state policy in the field of maintaining the uniformity of measurements;
  • state metrological control and supervision;
  • establishment of the rules of creation, approval, storage and application of measurement standards;
  • approval of the state standards; carrying out of intergovernmental comparison of state measurement standards;
  • establishment of the rules of certifications of measurement procedures;
  • organisation of the elaboration and approval of national standards in the field of metrology;
  • accreditation of testing centres;
  • approval the list of measuring instruments subject to calibration and checking;
  • organisation and coordination of activities of the state inspectors on maintenance of the uniformity of measurements;
  • approval of the type of measuring instruments;
  • maintenance of the state register of measuring instruments;
  • organisation of the activity and accreditation of metrological services of legal and physical entities for the right of carrying out calibration work;
  • approval of normative documents on measurement assurance;
  • realisation of other functions stipulated by the legislation of the country and the Statute about the Committee.


In the field of metrology the Committee realizes its authorities via the composition of Metrology department like the division of metrological supervision as a part of territorial ruling on governmental supervision, National Metrology Center, Experimental-Testing Center-AzTEST and by means of the corresponding subdivisions in the regions of the country.

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