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18th meeting of Joint Committee for Measurement Standards:

31 March 2020, Kazakhstan



30th COOMET Committee meeting:

1-2 April 2020, Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan

State Committee for Standardization of the Republic of Belarus

Chairperson: Mr. TATARITSKY Valentin Boleslavovich


Address: 93 Starovilensky tract, 220053 Minsk, Republic of Belarus

Telephone: +375 17 233 52 13

Fax: +375 17 233 25 88





Major branches of activities:


  • Maintenance of the common policy on the matters regarding measurement assurance, as well as coordination of the implementation and development of the SAUM of the Republic of Belarus;
  • establishment and maintenance of the state metrological service;
  • submitting of proposals for application of units of measurement in the Republic of Belarus to the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus;
  • development of legal and other directives aiming at assuring the uniformity of measurements; determination of priorities in metrology development;
  • organisation of the development and approval of national standards and other normative documents regulating the implementation of the SAUM;
  • organisation of the publication and dissemination of technical standards and scientific-technical information in the field of metrology including reference data;
  • setting requirements for national measurement standards and measurement standard, as well as rules of their development, approval, maintenance and use;
  • type approval of imported and domestically produced measuring instruments;
  • organisation and performance of metrological surveillance;
  • coordination of the cooperation in the field of metrology at the international level; representation of the Republic of Belarus in the international metrology organisations and collaboration with national metrology of other countries.


Gosstandart coordinates the activity of the following:


  • Interindustry Commission of time and frequency and determination of the Earth rotation parameters,
  • Interindustry Commission of reference substances and materials of composition and properties;
  • Interindustry Commission of reference data of physical constants and properties of substances and materials.

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