18th meeting of TC 1.7 "Photometry and Radiometry" (сombined format: VNIIOFI (Moscow, Russia) and online): 12-14 October 2021



15th online meeting of TC 1.1 "General Metrology"
and webinar of implementation of the CIPM MRA documents: 15 October 2021

Institute of Metrology of Bosnia and Herzegovina (IMBIH)

General Director: Dr. Zijad Dzemic

Address:               Augusta Brauna 2, 71000, Sarajevo,  Bosnia and Herzegovina

Telephone:           +387 (0) 33 568 907

Fax:                      +387 (0) 33 568 909

Email:                   info(at)



Institute of Metrology of Bosnia and Herzegovina (IMBIH) – representing National Metrology Institute in Bosnia and Herzegovina, directly responsible to the Council of   Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina.


IMBIH is responsible for the establishment of a comprehensive measuring system in Bosnia and Herzegovina with traceability to the International System of Units, SI.


Areas of IMBIH’s work are:

  • Scientific Metrology;
  • Legal Metrology;
  • Industrial Metrology.


IMBIH’s responsibilities regarding Scientific Metrology:


  • Realization and maintenance of national measurement standards ensuring their traceability to the internationally recognized measurement standards – realization of SI base and derived units;
  • Establishment of distributed measurement system by appointing other legal entity for performing responsibilities of national measurement standard holder;
  • Membership in RMOs and active participation in their activities;
  • Promotion of metrology;
  • To support research and development in all areas of metrology.


IMBIH’s responsibilities regarding Legal Metrology:


  • Issuance of bylaws in accordance with Law on Metrology;
  • Supervision of the implementation of Law on Metrology;
  • Nomination of laboratories dealing with verification;
  • Nomination of bodies for conformity assessment (MID and NAWI and non-harmonized area);
  • Nomination of bodies for control of prepacked products;
  • Issuance and acceptance of type approval.

IMBIH's Membership in International Organizations:

  • EMRP (European Metrology Research Programme) - Member since 2013.
  • EURAMET (European Association of National Metrology Institutes) - Member since 2009.
  • IAAO (International Association Assay Office) - Observer since 2010.
  • WELMEC (European cooperation in legal metrology) - Associate member since 2009.
  • GULFMET (Regional Metrology Organization of Gulf countries) - Associate Member since 2013.
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