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COOMET Webinar

COOMET Webinar on the exchange of working experience with KCDB 2.0 for the Chairs of COOMET TCs: 26 January 2021



Area: 110,994 km2

Population: 6.921 million

Capital: Sofia



Information updated as of 25.05.2020.



Law on metrology

“Law on measurements”, effective from 09.11.2002, published in SG, issue 46/7.05.2002, last amended SG, Issue 12/6.2.2018.

Metrological infrastructure

The policy in the field of metrology is defined by the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Bulgaria on a proposal from the Minister of Economy. In the process of policy making the Minister of Economy is supported by the president of the Bulgarian Institute of Metrology and the president of the State Agency for Metrological and Technical Surveillance.

Ministers and heads of state bodies organize the activities to ensure traceability, accuracy and reliability of measurements in their legal entities.

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