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Meeting of TC 1.8 "Physical chemistry":

22-23 of May, 2019, VNIIM, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.



Area: 110,910 km2

Capital: Sofia

State constitution: Parliamentary Republic

Population: approximately 7,7 million


The first Law on Measures and Weights was adopted by the Bulgarian Parliament in 1888 and thus the Bulgarian metrological service was established.

At present the Bulgarian Institute of Metrology (BIM) and the State Agency for Metrological and Technical Surveillance (SAMTS) are the institutions responsible for the implementation of the governmental policy in the field of metrology. These two institutions carry out the activities in the field of metrology for providing traceability, accuracy and reliability of measurements in Bulgaria. Their responsibilities are laid down in the new Law on Measurements in 2002 and its amendment of 2005.

Mission and Vision

  • To perform functions in compliance with the Law on measurements;
  • To assist the governmental bodies in exercising their powers on measurementrelated issues;
  • To conduct and implement metrology research and provide services related to measurements and measuring instruments in the fields of public, scientific and economic interest;
  • To conduct and implement activities related to the international recognition of measurements carried out in Bulgaria.

The vision of the Bulgarian Institute of Metrology is to be a leader in the field of metrology on national level with ambition to become one of the best institutes in the region. The Institute aspires to be a reliable and recognized partner on European level.

Strategic Objectives

  • To provide metrology expertise at a high scientific and technical level that supports competitiveness, innovation and R&D.
  • To provide services that guarantee legislation enforcement in the field of measurements, conformity assessment, metrological control and efficient functioning of the national quality infrastructure and consumer protection.
  • To ensure worldwide acceptance of Bulgarian measurement certificates issued.
  • To participate in research activities on national and international level as well as in the European Metrology Research Programme (ЕМRP).


President: Ass. Prof. Dimitar Stankov, PhD



Address: 52-b, G. M. Dimitrov Blvd., 1125 Sofia, Bulgaria

Telephone: +359 2 873 52 77; + 359 2 9702 773

Fax: +359 2 9702 777




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