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Meeting of TC 1.8 "Physical chemistry":

22-23 of May, 2019, VNIIM, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

Control of measuring instruments



According to the current national legislation the measuring instruments, components, auxiliary equipment and theirs additional devices, (called for brevity “measuring instruments”) used for assuring accuracy and reliability of the measurements related to healthcare and measurements related to public safety, protection of the environment, states and municipality claims and commercial payments are subject to control. This control is carried out through type approval, initial verification and subsequent verifications.


Type approval of measuring instruments

Type approval of measuring instruments with non-approved type is carried out at the stage of manufacturing or import in order to be allowed for verification.

Approved types of measuring instruments are entered in a public register and information about them is monthly published in the “Official bulletin of BIM”.


Initial verification of measuring instruments


The initial verification of measuring instruments is performed in order to place them on the market and/or in use. This is certified by initial verification marks. Approximately 20 000 measuring instruments per year have been placed for the last few years, mainly manometers used in pressure vessels and systems, measuring transformers, flow rate measuring systems and taximeters.


Subsequent verification of measuring instruments


The subsequent verification, either periodical or after repair, is carried out on measuring instruments in use. It is certified with subsequent verification marks. The periodical verification is performed at regular intervals specific for each type of measuring instrument.

Verification periodicity is determined on the basis of collected statistical data.

Re-verification intervals as per types of measuring instruments are shown in the table above.


Metrological expertise of measuring instruments


BIM carries out metrological expertise of measuring instruments at the request of physical persons or legal entities, when an argument for the technical and metrological characteristics of measuring instruments in use has been risen. The expertise is performed by means of examination and determination of measuring instruments performance after an application had been submitted to the BIM territorial units Measures and Measuring instruments.


Conformity assessment


The Bulgarian Institute of Metrology has been notified to the European Commission and the other Member States as conformity assessment body for non-automatic weighing instruments (NB 1957) since September 2007. For less than a year 96 applications for conformity assessment were submitted to BIM, as follows: 1 – for module “Production quality assurance”, 8 – for module “Type examination” and 87 - for module “Product verification”, 7 EC type approval certificates and 48 Conformity assessment certificates (for 93 weighing instruments) were issued.

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