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Meeting of TC 1.8 "Physical chemistry":

22-23 of May, 2019, VNIIM, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

National Research Institute of Metrology (INIMET)

National Research Institute of Metrology (INIMET)


Address: Calle Consulado No.206 e / Animas y Trocadero, Centro Habana. La Habana, CP 10200
Phones: + 537 862 3041-44, +537 864 3365-68
Director: Mr. Nelson Julian Villalobos Hevia

Its laboratories have been accredited by National Accreditation Body of the Republic of Cuba, signed the ILAC-MRA. System has a certified Quality Management by the National Bureau of Standards. It also has a COOMET appreciation for its quality management system meets the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025.

It has published a segment of its CMC in the BIPM database and works to expand them. Participate in the work and projects COOMET.

It has 8 labs that cover measurements of physical quantities, dimensional, mass-strength, density, volume-flow, temperature, electrical, electronic and physical chemistry. Run annually about 50 000 calibrations and verifications of measuring instruments.

Besides participating in various projects under COOMET, has deployed in recent years a number of important research projects of various profiles. This has helped create or improve national standards in various physical quantities, establish new methods for measuring and education projects to increase entrepreneurship metrology.

It also displays a strong work in the direction of the lifting and professional training of specialists. Annually offer about 30 courses on different subjects in metrology, have offered graduates is projected to start an MA in 2011.

Besides working with the Higher Institute of Applied Sciences and Technology under the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment and the Higher Polytechnic Institute José Antonio Echevarria, under the Ministry of Higher Education in the reformulation of curricula for graduating Engineers with metrological output from 2013.



Main Functions of INIMET

  • Participate in defining the politics of state and government in metrology.
  • Operating as a matter of National Metrology Laboratory (NMI) National Metrology Service, for which it should retain the National Standard for each physical quantity, unless its preservation is most convenient at another institution.
  • Conduct applied research, aimed at ensuring uniformity and accuracy of measurements and participate in defining policy and organization of the database of patterns.
  • Promote and conduct research in different fields of metrology, in order to define and set the main directions of development and the methodological, organizational, scientific, technical and economic.
  • Prepare, develop and refine in conjunction with the Directorate of Metrology, organizational principles, methodological, scientific, technical, related to the National Metrology Service.
  • nsure the traceability of national standards and those of lower rank held by the National Metrology Service. Run the checks and calibrations of standards and measurement tools for high accuracy and provide services of high accuracy measurements.
  • Endorsed and submit for consideration of its Scientific Council scientific results in the field of Metrology developed in the country.
  • Organize and participate in key intercomparisons internationally and promote national standards intercomparisons.
  • Organize, advise and execute the work in model assessment for measurement instruments. Execute initial checks to measurement tools.
  • Run in the Certification System for the International Organization of Legal Metrology (OIML) the issuance of certificates.
  • Coordinate and advise on the implementation of the National System of Legal Measures in the country.
  • Participate in the development and implementation of the provisions relating to goods and prepackaged products.
  • Certify Reference Materials produced by the industrial, technical and scientific.
  • Participate in the preparation of programs for Standardization, Metrology and Quality Assurance as appropriate.
  • Participate in monitoring compliance with the provisions of Legal Metrology and apply sanctions as appropriate.
  • Conduct the study and adaptation of international recommendations of international organizations related to Metrology, proposing its adoption as policy documents.
  • Participate through Standardization Technical Committee on Metrology, the elaboration of regulatory documents and key provisions of the Metrology.
  • Participate in monitoring the bodies of the National Service of Metrology (SENAMET).
  • Participate in conjunction with the Directorate of Metrology and Standardization Regional Offices in the metrological supervision and inspection.
  • Participate in activities of international and regional organizations related to Metrology, assuming the obligations and commitments arising from them.
  • Participate in the promotion and organization in your case, congresses, seminars, conferences, courses or any other event related to Metrology.
  • Participate in expert performances in the field of Metrology.
  • Organize and execute training in Metrology National Metrology Service.
  • Promote the development of higher-level cadres to obtain scientific degrees.
  • Establish and ensure the functioning of the National System of Information in Metrology.


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