Calibration of infrared medical thermometers (online course): 1-2 June 2023

Cuban National Bureau of Standards (NC)

General Director: Dr. Nancy  Fernández Rodríguez

Director of Metrology Department: Mr. Fernando Arruza Rodríguez

Address:          Calle E No 261 entre 11 y 13- Vedado, La Habana 10400, Republic of Cuba

Telephone:      +537 682 95 24

Fax:                 +537 682 78 50

Email:              nc(at), arruza(at)



The main tasks and activities of the NC in the field of metrology are:

  • elaboration and realisation of state policy in metrology;
  • preparation of laws and decrees referring to metrology;
  • steering of metrology in the state in the scope given by the Law on Metrology, including subordinate metrological institutions and Legal Metrology Service;
  • methodical activity and supervision of activities in metrology;
  • representation of the Republic of Cuba in the international metrological associations.

Nc is intergrated into the OIML Certification System (OIML-CS) as a utilizer organization.

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