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Meeting of TC 1.8 "Physical chemistry":

22-23 of May, 2019, VNIIM, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

Measurement Standards Base of the Republic of Kazakhstan

The Standards base of the Republic of Kazakhstan is the central, major element of the system of metrological maintenance of a national economy by which is meant the set of the standards functioning in various areas of measurements.


To the date the standards base of physical sizes units in the country makes 101.


The available standards base serves for the development of all economy branches, including such strategically important as:


  • maintenance of life and health safety
  • diagnostics and treatment of diseases
  • defense of the country
  • environment control, water and soil pollution, the radiating control
  • fuel and energy industry
  • mechanical engineering instrument producing
  • metallurgy and other industrial branches
  • food-processing industry, agriculture
  • traffic safety
  • trading operations

International Recognition of Kazakhstan's Measurement Capabilities

With the view of realization of Kazakhstan’s membership in CIPM-MRA in 2010 “KazInMetr” RSE received a Confirmation of Recognition of KazInMetr’s Quallity Management System (QMS) according to requirements of ISO/IEC 17025 issued by COOMET Quality Forum.

Kazakhstan first of the Central Asian countries declared information about calibration and measurement capabilities (CMC) in the BIPM Key Comparisons Data Base (KSDB). As a result of KazInMetr’s participation in Regional Key Comparisons of Measurement standards 13 CMC of Kazakhstan were published in BIPM KSDB.

Creation of new Standards

For the last 2-3 years there was not only quantitative, but also a qualitative development and perfection of reference base of the Republic.


In 2009, three new generation standards were acquired:


- The standard of luminous intensity unit, is necessary for metrological maintenance in industries for calibration and certification of illumination sources, safety maintenance at air transportations, traffic; in medicine, in agriculture, in the space techniques, in a labor safety


- The standard of colour coordinates and the chromaticity co-ordinates is assigned for metrological maintenance of colorimetric and spektrofoto-metric measurements of various materials characteristics in branches of a science and technics


- The standard of electric resistance on the basis of the Hall quantum effect is assigned for development of quantum metrology in the Republic, as the stablest and reproducing unit of resistance with the highest accuracy. Its operation will provide metrological independence in the field of measurement of electric sizes, will satisfy the needs of the enterprises in such branches of economy as instrument producing and mechanical engineering, and alwith will create the base to scientific researches in the given area.


Creation of new standards provides technical and economic independence of the Republic from the other countries and promotes the production of competitive production by domestic manufacturers.


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