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Meeting of TC 1.8 "Physical chemistry":

22-23 of May, 2019, VNIIM, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

Verification and Calibration

Procedure of Verification

KazInMetr carries out verification and calibration of measuring instruments in the following areas of measurements:


  • Geometric units
  • Mass
  • Strength
  • Pressure
  • Vacuum
  • Flow rate and quantity of liquids and gas
  • Density and Viscosity
  • Phisicochemical
  • Temperature and Thermalphysic
  • Optico-physical
  • Electricity
  • Radio engineering

Production of Measures and Sertified Reference Materials

Test equipment for measuring Vickers and Rockwell Standard Gages

In compliance with requirements of international and national standards "KazInMetr" RSE developes and manufactures the following Measures and State Sertified Reference Materials (SSRM):

  • SSRM of liquid’s specific electric conductivity
  • SSRM of grain humidity
  • SSRM of a refraction index
  • SSRM of toxic microimpurities in ethanol and the certified mixes of toxic micro impurity (aldehydes, fusel oil, methanol) in vodka and spirits
  • SSRM of iron (copper, lead, zinc, aluminum, bismuth, cobalt, sodium, nickel, tin, selenium, silver, antimony) ions solutions structure
  • SSRM chlorine organic pesticide solution
  • SSRM of рН (reference buffer solutions of 2nd category)
  • Standards for preparation of buffer solutions of working standards (3rd category pH )
  • Hardness measures reference on Brinell , Rockwell and Super-Rockwell scales
  • Testing gas mixes of structure methane in nitrogen, methane in air, carbon oxide (II) in nitrogen, carbon oxide (II) in air, the propane in nitrogen, the propane in air, hydrogen in nitrogen, hydrogen in air

Testing of Products

Equipment for sertification testing of products

KazInMetr carries out sertification testing of products for:


  • Electromagnetic compatibility
  • Stability for climatic external influencing factors
  • Electrical safety

The test laboratory of «Kazakhstan Institute of Metrology» the Republican State Enterprise is accredited in the State system of technical regulation of the Republic of Kazakhstan on conformity with ST RK ISO/IEC 17025 on technical competence in the field of electromagnetic compatibility production tests (Ems).


Following kinds of tests for electromagnetic compatibility production enter into the sphere of laboratory:


1. Emission of radio interference


• Emission in power supplies network

• Radiation into open space

• Emission of harmonic components of current power circuit

• Fluctuations of pressure and flicker effect, caused by technical means


2. Noise stability

• Stability against hindrances of a power network:

- To dynamic changes of power supplies network pressure

- To nanosecond pulse hindrances

- To microsecond pulse hindrances

- To conductive hindrances induced by a radio-frequency field

- To conductive hindrances in the form of a fading sinusoid

• Stability to the electrostatic discharge

• Stability to a radio-frequency electromagnetic field

• Stability to a magnetic field of industrial frequency

• Stability to a pulse magnetic field

Preparation of National Standards

"KazInMetr" RSE is authorized to prepare basic state standards according to clause 3, article 21 of the Law of Republic of Kazakhstan "About Technical Regulation". Preparation of standards is made within approved annual Schedules of works on state standardization" in conformity with requirements of state standards "ST RK 1.2-2008 "Rules for preparation of state standards and standards of organizations", ST RK 1/5-2008 "General requirements to standards structure, exposition, design and content".


The Instute also implements metrological expertise of Draft State Standards, standards of organizations ant other normative documents, prepared by companies and organizations.

Metrological certification of Techniques of Measurements Performing

"KazInMetr" RSE carries out metrological certification of Techniques of Measurements Performing, being developed in the country in accordance with the ST RK 2.18-2009 "Techniques of Mesurements Performing. Order of their development, metrological certification, registration and using". Techniques of Measurements Performing upon their metrological certification are to be registered in the Register of the State System of ensurance of uniformity of measurements (Register of SSM).


The Institute is accredited within the national accreditation system for the right to implement metrological certification of Techniques of Measurements Performing (Accreditation certificate

No. KZ.M.01.0602 from 21.10.2009.


According to the requirements of ST RK 2.18 "KazInMetr" RSE performs the expertise of materials of Measurements Performing Techniques, being prepared in the countries of CIS, with an aim to admit them to be used in the Republic of Kazakhstan and to register them in the Register of SSM.

Training and Advanced Training of Personnel in Metrology

"KazInMetr" RSE conducts training and advance training courses and ceminars in the field of metrology, intended for personnel of metrology services, including verification officers and experts-auditors in the field of Measurements uniformity ensurance.


Main Subjects of the courses and seminars:

  • Metrological ensurance of industry
  • Metrological ensurance of health care and medicine
  • Procedures of Verification and Calibration of measuring devices (in different areas of measurements)
  • Implementation of Measurements Uncertainty Evaluation in Metrological Practice of the State
  • Evaluation of Measurements uncertainty in calibration, analitical measurements and testing of products
  • Advance Training of teachers of higher and intermediate education institutes in the field of Standardization and Metrology
  • New regulations in Kazakhstan's legislation in the field of measurements uniformity ensurance
  • Procedure of metrological expertise of technical documents

Certification of Measuring Instruments Verification Officers

"KazInMetr" RSE carries out certification of Measuring Instruments Verification Officers, who are

specialists of the state metrological service or of metrological services of organizations, accredited for conduction of measurement instruments verification.

Procedure of certification of verificators is established in the “Procedure of certification of expert-auditors in the field of ensuring the uniformity of measurements and measurement instruments verificators and establishing qualification requirements to them”, approved by #313 Decree of the Minister of Industry and Trade of the Republic of Kazakhstan from November, 12, 2009.

The Insitute is accredited as a Body Operating Certification of Persons for conformity with the requirements of international standard ISO/IEC 17024-2003 "Conformity assessment - General Requirements For Bodies Operating Certification of Persons".

Publication of "Metrology" Journal

"KazInMetr" RSE deals with edition of "Metrology" scientific journal - the only specialized profile edition to highlight actual issues in metrolgy in the Republic.


The edition is registered at the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


Metrology journal is included into the list of the scientific editions recommended for publications of the basic scientific results of doctor's and master's theses for the 05.00.00 - Engineering science field. It is the decision of the Board of Control Committee in the sphere of education and sciences of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan from March 19, 2009.


Constant Headings:

  • Events
  • International Cooperation
  • Measurement Standards
  • Measurements: Practice, Techniques, the Theory
  • Share Experience
  • Questions and answers


The journal appendix is a Newsletter which contains useful information on measuring apparatuses and the list of the enterprises registered in the Register of the State system of measurements uniformity ensurance.


Target audience: the journal is issued for the experts in sphere of metrology, teachers and students of higher education institutes and technical colleges, and also by those whose activity is concerned with metrological ensurance of manufacture, use and service of measuring apparatuses.

Information Service

"KazInMetr" RSE gives information from the Register of the State system of  measurements uniformity ensurance of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Register of SSM) upon request of interested people and organizations.


The Register of SSM includes following sections:


  • State Measurement Standards
  • Approved types of measuring instruments
  • Approved types of Reference Standards of structure and properties of substances and materials
  • Techniques of measuring instruments verification
  • Techniques of Measurements Performance
  • Measuring instruments passed through Metrological Certification
  • Experts-auditors in the field of Measurements Uniformity Ensurance
  • Scientist-keepers of the State Measurement Standards
  • Measuring Instruments Verification Officers
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