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27-28 September 2021



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Area: 65,200 km2

Population: 3 million

Capital: Vilnius


Information updated as of 15.04.2021.

Law on metrology

Law on Metrology of the Republic of Lithuania, the new version issued of12 January 2018, Nr. XIII-982.

Metrological infrastructure

1. The Ministry of Economy and Innovation of the Republic of Lithuania ( The Ministry according to the Law on Metrology, is responsible for the formation of metrology policy, coordination of uniformity of measurements in Lithuania, implementation of legal metrological regulations, as well as for exchange of information on notification of bodies with other EU member states.

2. State Research Institute Centre for Physical Sciences and Technology (FTMC) – NMI of Lithuania ( ).

3. Lithuanian Energy Institute – DI (Designated Institute) for national standards ( ).


4. Lithuanian Metrology Inspectorate (legal metrology) ( ). Performs the tasks of market surveillance for measuring instruments, which are under the metrological control, for prepackaged goods and measuring containers also for quantity of weighted, counted, measured and dosed products.

5. Verification and calibration of measuring instruments and standards are performed by the stock companies and private accredited laboratories, which are appointed by the Ministry of Economy and Innovation.

6. Lithuanian Standards Board ( ). Lithuanian Standards Board is the budgetary institution of public administration functioning as National Standards Body (NSB) and within its competence taking part in establishing and implementing the policy of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania within the standardization field, carrying out other functions provided by the Laws and other legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania and taking active part in the activities of international and European standardization organizations by representing interests of Lithuanian economy.

7.  Lithuanian National Accreditation Bureau ( National Accreditation Bureau (LA) is responsible for accreditation of testing, calibration laboratories, certification bodies for products, personnel, quality and environmental management systems, inspection bodies, EMAS; to assess CABs to be notified by the Governmental authorities. Also LA is designated as GLP inspection and verification authority.


Metrology system in Lithuania

The Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania ( was authorized by the Law on Metrology and Resolution of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania to form the policy of metrological support in Lithuania, to implement legal metrology regulations, to coordinate activities of the national metrology system, to be responsible for providing the uniformity of measurements in Lithuania. The Ministry also exchanches information on the issues of verification of measuring instruments and work of notified bodies with competent bodies of other European Union member countries.

Under the Resolution of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania from 3 September 2014 State Research Institute Center for Physical Sciences and technology (FTMC) has been authorized to perform the functions of a National Metrology Institute. Functions of NMI at the Center are fulfilled by Metrology Department. In accordance with the Resolution of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania national laboratories are also authorized to create and maintain national measurement standards. In 2019 structural changes of metrology system in the Republic of Lithuania were implemented. From 2019 only one Designated Institute (DI) is authorized to create and maintain national measurement standards, it is the  Lithuanian Energy Institute (LEI).

The national standards laboratories create, maintain, use and improve national standards, assure assignment of reproduced measurement quantities, maintain international traceability in the fields allocated to them and represent Lithuania in the activities of international metrological organizations in the scope of their competence. According to the Resolution of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania national measurement standards for units of measurement shall be created in view of the need and economical capabilities of the Republic of Lithuania and in compliance with the requirements of the Resolution.

Verification of measuring instruments is performed by institutions, metrology centres, individual accredited laboratories for certain types of measurements, which are appointed and authorized to verify such kind of measuring instruments by the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania.

The Lithuanian Metrology Inspectorate ( was established according to the Law on Metrology. The Inspectorate carries out metrological supervision of measing instruments, subject to legal metrology regulation,  prepackages and volume of measuring containers, as well as of  quantity of weighted, counted, measured and dosed products, maintains the register of types of measuring instruments.

At Kaunas University of Technology the Institute of Metrology (KTU MI) ( was established, tasks of which include training of specialists in metrology, as well as carrying out scientific research in the field of metrology.

There is a Technical Committee “Metrology” within the Lithuanian Standards Board. Its main responsibility is to draft written standards in the metrology field.

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