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Meeting of TC 1.2 "Acoustics, Ultrasound, Vibration":

27-29 of August, 2019, VNIIFTRI,

Mendeleevo, Russia (more)



Meeting of TC 1.10 "Thermometry and Thermal Physics"

27-29 of August, 2019, VNIIFTRI ESB

Irkutsk, Russia (more)

Public Institution "National Metrology Institute"

Mr. Anatolie MELENCIUC, Director

Address:          28, E. Coca str., MD 2064, CHISINAU

Tel.:                 +373 22 903 100

Fax:                +373 22 903 111  

E-mail:                office(at)


The Public Institution "National Metrology Institute" is a legal entity and performs its activity on the basis of regulations approved by the Central Metrology Authority and of regulations and provisions of the relevant national legislation. The National Institute for Metrology has the following attributions:


- In the field of legal metrology


  • Performs the legal metrological control through type approval, metrological verification of measurement instruments in special cases;
  • Gives proposals to the central authority on metrology regarding the regulation of measurement instruments;
  • Implements the agreements signed with other countries on the recognition of testing results performed for type approval, and of metrological verification results;
  • Develops program drafts for trainings in metrology;
  • Consults the stakeholders on technical problems in the field of legal metrology;
  • Manages the State Register of measurement instruments and the database of entities that have technical notes;
  • Gives technical notes in order to keep track of persons and legal entities that repair or install measurement instruments, as well as those who manufacture measurement recipients;
  • Drafts legal metrology normative documents, harmonized with the regional and international practice;
  • Gives methodological support for the development of legal measurement procedures by the relevant authorities or interested legal entities;
  • Gives technical support for metrological surveillance;
  • Creates and manages the national database of normative documentation in the field of legal metrology.


In the field of general metrology


  • Implementation of state policy in metrology at national level;
  • Assures the metrological traceability of the results of measurements performed in the Republic of Moldova to the International System of Units SI; manages the National Measurement Standards Database; disseminates the legal measurement units from national standards to hierarchically inferior and work standards;
  • Develops agreements of mutual recognition of national measurement standards and of calibration certificates issued by national metrology institutes;
  • Represents the national reference for the determination of technical competency in the field of metrology, including for measurement standards;
  • Consults the stakeholders on technical problems in the field of metrology;
  • Participates in regional and international metrology organizations;
  • Trains specialists in metrological verification;
  • Organizes inter-laboratory comparisons at national level.

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