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21st online meeting of TC 2 "Legal Metrology": 7-8 April 2021


Area: 17125191 million km2
Population: 146.78 million
Capital: Moscow


Information updated as of 25.05.2020.

Law on metrology

The Federal Law of the Russian Federation on Assuring the Uniformity of Measurements № 102-FL dated 26.06.2008 (as worded in Federal Laws N 242-FZ of 18.07.2011, N 347-FZ of 30.11.2011, N 133-FZ of 28.07.2012, N 338-FZ of 02.12.2013, N 160-FZ of 23.06.2014, N 254-FZ of 21.07.2014, N 233-FZ of 13.07.2015, N 496-FZ of 27.12.2019).

Metrological infrastructure

Realization of this Law, fulfilment of metrological functions and terms of reference are approved by Decrees of the President of the Russian Federation - No. 314 of 9 March, 2004 and No. 649 of 20 May, 2004 and Government Directives-  No. 294 of 17 June, 2004 and No. 438 of 05 June, 2008, and are implemented by the Federal Agency on Technical Regulation and Metrology (Rosstandart) under the Federal Ministry of Industry and Energy (Minpromtorg of Russia).

Minpromtorg of Russia is a Federal Executive body responsible for the development of government policy and state regulation in the field of technical regulating, standardization and ensuring uniformity of measurements. Rosstandart is a Federal Executive body responsible for providing government services and managing state property in the field of technical regulating, standardization and ensuring the uniformity of measurements.

Metrological Institutions of Russia

A good deal of activity regarding the development, improvement, maintenance and use of national measurement standards, as well as conduct of fundamental and applies research in the field of metrology including elaboration of normative documents of measurement uniformity assurance is carried out by Metrology Institutes of Rosstandart, which are the centers of standards on the fixed types and areas of measurements. The majority of these institutes is specialized in specific fields of measurements and accredited as state test centers of measuring instruments and verification centers, as bodies on voluntary certification of measuring instruments.


  • D.I. Mendeleyev Institute for Metrology - VNIIM
  • All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Metrological Service - VNIIMS
  • All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Optical and Physical Measurements - VNIIOFI
  • All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Physico-Technical Measurements - VNIIFTRI

State regional centers for standardization, metrology and testing (FBU CSM)

Rosstandart is also responsible for the State regional centers for standardization, metrology and testing (FBU CSM), whose priority activities are: conducting tests for the state supervision, verification of measuring instruments, testing of measuring instruments for type approval, control for comformity to type of manufactured and used measuring instruments, inspection control of accredited metrological services of legal entities, assessment of the state of measurements in testing and measurement laboratories. At present, there are 74 FBU CSMs located in 8 Federal Districts in the Russian Federation. rO0ABXcxAAdpZEdyb3VwAAAAAQACMTYABmFjdGlvbgAAAAEACWdyb3VwVmlldwAHX19FT0ZfXw


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