27th meeting of TC 1.6 "Mass and Related Quantities": 27-28 September, combined format (VNIIM, Russia & ONLINE)



21th meeting of TC 1.4 "Flow Measurement":
13 October 2023, online.

Participation in OIML

OIML Member state.


The specialists of Russian NMIs participate in work of all OIML TCs/SCs.

Russian Federation maintains the Secretariats of the following OIML TCs/SCs:

TC 10/SC 2 "Pressure gauges with elastic sensing elements" (VNIIMS);

ТC 11/SC 1 "Resistance thermometers " (VNIIM);

ТC 11/SC 3 "Radiation thermometers " (VNIIM);

ТC 15 "Measuring instruments for ionizing radiations" (VNIIFTRI);

ТC 15/SC 1 "Measuring instruments for ionizing radiations used in medical applications " (VNIIFTRI);

ТC 17 "Instruments for physico-chemical measurements" (VNIIM);

ТC 17/SC 2 "Saccharimeters" (VNIIM);

ТC 17/SC 3 "pH-metry" (VNIIFTRI);

ТC 17/SC 4 "Conductometry" (VNIIM);

ТC 17/SC 5 "Viscosimetry" (VNIIM);

ТC 17/SC 6 "Gas analysis" (VNIIM);

ТC 18/SC 4 "Bio-electrical instruments" (VNIIOFI);

ТC 3/SC 3 "Reference materials " (VNIIM);

TC 7/SC 1 "Measuring instruments for length" (VNIIM);

TC 9/SC 4 "Densities" (VNIIM).  


The information about the participation of Russian Federation in OIML TCs/SCs work is available at:

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