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Slovak Institute of Metrology (SMU)

General Director:  Maroš KAMENSKÝ

Address:                Karloveská 63, 842 55 Bratislava, Slovak Republic

Telephone:            + 421 2 602 94 204

E-mail:                   maros.kamensky(at)smu.gov.sk

Web:                      http://www.smu.sk/


The Slovak Institute of Metrology (SMU) has been established in 1968 as a National Czechoslovak Institute of Metrology and has more than 51 years of experience. SMU fulfils tasks as the national metrology institution (NMI) for the Slovak Republic since 1st of January 1993. At the present time SMU is subsidized organization of the Slovak Office of Standards, Metrology and Testing (UNMS).


Main tasks of SMU include:

  • ensurance of implementation, preservation, development and international comparison of the national standard and unit transfer to a dedicated measurement device;
  • ensurance of international recognition of specific national standard;
  • representation of the Slovak Republic in international metrological organizations to which it is a member and assures the tasks that arise from  this membership;
  • proposals on a specific standard for its declaration as a national standard, or its change of status to a non-national standard;
  • research in scientific and technical metrological fields;
  • calibration of operating standards and calibration of obligatorily calibrated measurement device and other measuring instrument and performance of official measurement;
  • verification of specified measuring devices, that are subject to verification;
  • approval of type for specific measurement device;
  • supervision and the creation of certified reference materials within Slovakia;
  • development of technical standards;
  • specification of technical requirements and methods for verification of measuring instruments, subject to verification, and testing for type approval;
  • performance of tests of a specified range of ionizing radiation sources based on a special license issued under a separate regulation;
  • training and improvement of professional skills of employees in legal metrology, calibration centers and other employees, involved in technical measurements and metrology;
  • active participation on national and international projects in the field of metrology;
  • certification of employees in metrology;
  • conducting specialized and technical works in the field of accreditation and certification bodies.
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