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Meeting of TC 1.8 "Physical chemistry":

22-23 of May, 2019, VNIIM, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.


The Sate Metrology Service is headed by Uzbek Agency for Standardisation, Metrology and Certification (“Uzstandard” Agency).


General Director: Mr. Abdusalam Kurbanov

Address: 333”A” Farobiy Str., 100049, Tashkent, Republic of Uzbekistan

Telephone: (998-71) 244 96 01, 214-37-78

Fax: (998-71) 244 80 28, 244-80-31




  • State Institution “Centre of National Standards of Republic of Uzbekistan”;
  • State Enterprise “Centre of Metrological Services”;
  • Scientific Research Institute of Standardisation, Metrology and Certification;
  • Main Centre of Metrological Service;
  • Main Centre of Reference Materials;
  • Main Centre for Nondistructive Control;
  • Territorial (Karakalpak, regional and city) administrations of standardisation and metrology.

Major Activities

  • Maintenance of the common policy on the matters regarding the assurance of the uniformity of measurements, as well as coordination of the implementation and development of the SAUM;
  • Development of legal and other directives aiming at assuring the uniformity of measurements; definition of priorities in improving metrology;
  • Organisation of the development and approval of national standards and other normative documents regulating the implementation of the SAUM;
  • Organisation of the publication and dissemination of normative documents and scientific-technical information in the field of metrology;
  • Type approval of imported and domestically produced measuring instruments;
  • Organisation and performance of metrological surveillance over measuring instruments and implementation of metrological directives pertaining to measurements in the field of distribution of the state metrological supervision and control;
  • Coordination of cooperation in the field of metrology and laboratory accreditation at the international level; representation of the Republic of Uzbekistan in the international metrology organisations and collaboration with national metrology of other countries.
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