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26th ONLINE COOMET Presidential Council meeting: 25 November, 2020



13th online meeting TC 1.11 "Time and Frequency":

27 November, 2020

18th meeting of COOMET President's Council

On 20-21 of November the 18th meeting of COOMET President's Council took place in SMU (Bratislava, Slovakia)

10th meeting of TC 4 "Information and Traning"

10th meeting of TC 4 "Information and Traning" was held on 22-23 October 2013 in vil. Novkhana, Azerbaijan

Regular meeting of ТC 1.12 “Reference Materials”

A regular 18th meeting of COOMET TC 1.12 “Reference Materials” (TC 1.12 “RMs”), hosted by FGUP “UNIIM” was held on 8-11 September 2013.

Meeting of TC 2 "Legal Metrology"

14th meeting of TC2 was held on 17 of September, 2013 in INM, Kishinev, Moldova. 34 participants from 14 COOMET member-countries took part in the meeting: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Germany, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kirgizstan, Moldova, Russia, Romania, Slovakia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, the Ukraine – members of TC 2 and their representatives, members of SC 2.1 – SC 2.4, and invited experts.   Workshop "Inspection and market surveillance (as regards metrology)" was held on 18 – 19 of September,...

31st meeting of Joint Committee of Regional Metrological Organizations and BIPM

On September 18 - 19, 2013, 31st meeting of Joint Committee of RMO and BIPM - JCRB took place in NIM (Beijing, China). The agenda of JCRB meeting included issues like:Highlights of the RMO reportsStatus of CMCs submission and review Issues from Consultative CommitteesDocuments to be submitted to the CIPM for approvalPurpose and perspectives of KCDB Performance of DIsThe delegation of COOMET took part in the meeting, it consisted of: Dr. Neyezhmakov, COOMET Vice-president Mr. Vassiliy...

11th meeting of COOMET JCMS and 23rd COOMET Committee meeting

On the 4 - 6 of June, 2013, two important COOMET meetings took place in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia: 11th meeting of Joint Committee on measuring standards and 23rd meeting of COOMET Committee.

30th JCRB meeting and workshop

30th JCRB meeting and workshop “Best practices in CMC reviews”

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