21.02.2024: 20th meeting of TC 1.9 "Ionizing Radiation and Radioactivity"


27.02.2024: BIPM training on e-learning for administrators and course creators

28-29.11.2023: The 20th meeting of TC 1.10 "Thermometry and Thermal Physics"

On November 28-29, 2023 the 20th meeting of TC 1.10 "Thermometry and Thermal Physics" was held online.

The following agenda was covered during the meeting:
1. Seminar "Practice of application of CIPM MRA documents regulating NMI activities on the order of preparation of CMC strings and calculation of uncertainty budget".
2. Information about the 24th and 25th meetings of the Joint Reference Committee (JRC) and discussion of issues related to the decisions made.
3. Information on changes in the composition of the TC.
4. Information on TC 1.10 activities in 2022-2023, including analysis of the decisions of the previous meeting and information on participation of TC representatives in meetings of working bodies of international organizations and RMOs.
5. About the progress of works on COOMET projects, including supposed corrective actions on comparisons, lasting more than 5 years and updating of TC 1.10 work program.
6. Discussion of proposals for new topics of comparisons.
7. About the implementation of the CIPM MRA.
8. Feasibility of translations of calibration manuals (EURAMET and PTB/DKD), which are of interest for COOMET member-countries (subject to permission for translation from the owner of the method).
9. About and creation of COOMET training courses on the electronic platform BIPM in the field of responsibility of TC 1.10.
10. Consideration of proposals from CEEMS countries for training seminars including.
11. Election of TC Chair 1.10.

The chair reported that he had resigned from the chairmanship of the TC 1.10. The elections of a new chair will be held soon.

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