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Meeting of ТC 1.11 "Time and frequency":

10-11 October 2019, Gebze, Turkey



Meeting of TC 1.3 "Electricity and Magnetism":

22-24 October 2019, Kishinev, Moldova

19th meeting of COOMET TC 1.12 “Reference Materials”

The meeting was attended by the Contact Persons of TC 1.12 “RMs” and representatives of COOMET member-countries from Azerbaijan, Belarus, Germany, Kazakhstan and Russia and by the Project Coordinators and specialists from various areas of national economy of Russia, participating in the development of specific types of reference materials.


Participants of the meeting exchanged the information on the work on RM problem conducted since the 18th meeting of TC 1.12 “RMs” in their countries and within the framework of international organizations ISO/REMCO, COMAR, OIML TC 3/SC 3, CIS (EASC NTCMetr WG RM) and COOMET TC 1.8 “Physical Chemistry”. Dr. W. Bremser, the Contact Person from Germany in TC 1.12 “RMs”, scientific assistant of BAM presented to the participants of the meeting and specialists of UNIIM the contributions “Measurement uncertainty propagation: Making the median differentiable” and “Measurement uncertainty at physical limits”, which caused a lively debate and exchange of opinions on the methods of calculating measurement uncertainty and their application in practice.


The meeting discussed the results of work, conducted within TC 1.12 “RMS”, on the finalized projects, the progress of the current projects of cooperation concerned the development of COOMET RMs and the development of normative documents on RM problem.  The participants also considered the Programme of joint COOMET RM development, updated as of September 2014 within the ongoing project 186/RU/99, the presentation materials on the proposed projects on COOMET RM development, discussed and approved the scope  and  deadlines of work; the information on the progress of COOMET RM Register and proposals of COOMET member-countries on its updating.

Particular attention was paid to the issue of the relevance of RM development for ensuring the uniformity of measurements in the area of health protection and clinical diagnostics in medicine. For each of the issues discussed, decisions, defining the plan of further actions and their timeframe were taken.


More detailed recommendations of the 19th meeting of TC 1.12 “RMs” are set out in the Minutes of TC 1.12 N 19-2014.






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