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21st online meeting of TC 2 "Legal Metrology": 7-8 April 2021

26.01.2021: COOMET webinar on the exchange of working experience with KCDB 2.0 for the Chairs of COOMET TCs

The first in this year online COOMET event took place on 26 January 2021 – COOMET webinar, at which Chairs of COOMET TCs exchanged their working experience with KCDB 2.0.

Nikita Zviagin, Deputy Head of the Joint Committee for Measurement Standards (JCMS), presented news about KCDB 2.0, as well as a brief analysis of COOMET activities within the framework of KCDB 2.0 in view of the published statistics.  

The Chairs of TC 1.2 – TC 1.11 shared the experience of work of their TCs with the database, described the identified problems and challenges. The participants discussed the main issues and problems in operation of KCDB 2.0 and the ways to address them.  


Based on the resolutions of the 30th COOMET Committee meeting and 26th COOMET Presidential Council meeting the matter of COOMET comparisons, lasting for over 5 year, was considered along with corrective actions to be taken by COOMET TCs and/or NMIs. It was agreed that Technical Committees will provide information about the actions taken to complete comparisons and approximate timeframes for their completion to JCMS. According to the data received, the information will be submitted to COOMET Presidential Council, and a COOMET report for JCRB will be prepared.

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