21.02.2024: 20th meeting of TC 1.9 "Ionizing Radiation and Radioactivity"


27.02.2024: BIPM training on e-learning for administrators and course creators

06.02.2024: The 36th Presidential Council online meeting

The 36th Presidential Council meeting was held on February 6, 2024 in online format. 

The meeting was attended by members of Presidential Council: Evgeny LAZARENKO, Mustafa CETINTAS, Xinhua DAI, Lazizbek SAIDORIPOV, Ainur RAKHADINOVA.

During the meeting, Lazizbek Saidoripov was elected as Acting President of COOMET.

The following issues were discussed during the meeting: Appointment of the Acting President of COOMET; Discussion of the distribution of responsibilities between the President and Vice-Presidents of COOMET; About the appointments of new members of the COOMET Committee from Georgia and the Republic of Kazakhstan; About the appointment of the Chair of TG-CEEMS and Appeal Board member; About activities to improve the performance of COOMET; About the  implementation of resolutions of the 34th and 35th Presidential Council meetings; About the work on the draft Terms of Reference (ToR) for the creation of a new single web resource of COOMET and the architectural model of the COOMET web resource; About the work of the COOMET Task Group on CEEMS support (TG-CEEMS), including the preparation of Program of COOMET for assistance CEEMS for 2023-2025; Activities in the field of measurement standards; Implementation of the CIPM MRA within COOMET (in terms of CMC and comparisons); Implementation of the CIPM MRA within COOMET (in terms of peer reviews of NMI/DI QMS); Activities in the field "Legal Metrology"; About COOMET publications; Presentation of candidates for the distinguished title "Honorary metrologist of COOMET". Voting of Council members; 

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