06.06.2024: 36th COOMET Committee meeting

On 4-5 June 2024 the Working session of the 36th COOMET Committee meeting took place in a hybrid format, Tashkent (Uzbekistan) & online. COOMET Committee members or their official representatives from 14 countries (Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany, Kazakhstan, China, Kyrgyz Republic, Moldova, Russia, Slovakia, Tajikistan, Turkey, Uzbekistan) participated in the meeting.

The meeting was held in a hybrid format (Astana, Kazakhstan, & online).

The Committee was also attended by representatives of the International Bureau of Weights and Measures (BIPM), the International Bureau of Legal Metrology (BIML) and regional organizations (AFRIMETS, APMP, SIM and MGC), who made reports on activities in 2023.

The meeting participants were presented the information on the results of COOMET's activities in 2023-2024 in all areas of cooperation provided for by the COOMET Memorandum.

Based on the discussion of activities to improve the work of COOMET, a new updated version of the COOMET Strategy for 2020-2025 (version 2.0) and the Roadmap for its implementation were approved.

As part of the implementation of the CIPM MRA Agreement, information was provided on the results of the 47th JCRB meeting, as well as a report on the activities of the Joint Committee on Measurement Standards of COOMET (including an analysis of the activities of TC 1.1 - TC 1.12, an analysis of the current state of affairs and difficulties encountered in the preparation, examination and publication in KCDB of CMC of NMIs/DIs COOMET member countries, as well as information on the implementation of the COOMET Program of Comparisons (COOMET P2/2023).

The meeting participants were also provided with information on the results of COOMET's activities in the field of evaluation of quality management systems, issues of cooperation in the field of legal metrology, information and training of metrologists (including prospects for the creation of COOMET courses on the BIPM electronic training platform (https://e-learning.bipm.org /).

A number of programs have been approved:

- COOMET P3 program "TC 2 Work Program for 2024-2026" (COOMET P3/2024),

- COOMET P4 program "TC 4 Work Program for 2024-2026" (COOMET P4/2024),

- COOMET Assistance Program to CEEMS for 2023-2025 (COOMET P8/2024).

The COOMET Committee approved new and updated COOMET publications prepared in 2023-2024:

− document COOMET D5.9/2024 "Regulation on the COOMET Technical Committee "Mass and Related Quantities" (TC 1.6)" (replacing CООМЕТ D5.9/2012);

− document CООМЕТ D5.16/2024 "Regulation on the COOMET Technical Committee "Technical Committee of Quality Forum" (TC 3.1)" (replacing CООМЕТ D5.16/2019);

− Annex 4 to the Recommendation COOMET R/AQ/9:2019 "Recommendations on the evaluation of quality management systems of National metrology institutes/Designated institutes";

− document COOMET D11 "Procedure for using the COOMET logo" (instead of COOMET D11/2016, project 853/BY-a/22);

− recommendation CООМЕТ R/GM/20:2009 "State system for ensuring the uniformity of measurements. Scales of Measurements. Terms and Definitions" (COOMET project 868/RU/23);

− recommendation CООМЕТ R/GM/21:2011 "Use of concepts "error of measurement" and "uncertainty of measurement". General principles materials" (COOMET project 869/RU/23);

− recommendation CООМЕТ R/RM/22:2020 “Form and content of COOMET certificate for reference materials of composition and properties of substances and materials” (COOMET project 893/RU/23);

− recommendation CООМЕТ R/GM/31:20XX "Calibration procedures. General requirements";

− recommendation CОOMET R/F/XX:202Y "Flow Transducers, Flow Meters, Volumetric and Mass Liquid Meters. Calibration Method";

− recommendation CООМЕТ R/TR/XX:202Y "COOMET trainings. Needs assessment, planning and organization of trainings. Monitoring of participation and satisfaction assessment" (COOMET project 829/BY-а/21);

− recommendation CООМЕТ R/TR/24:202Y "Programs of COOMET trainings. Content and design requirements. Development procedure" (clarification of the name and designation of the thematic area, instead of COOMET R/IT/24:2014, COOMET project 860/RU/22).

Personnel appointments were made regarding the appointment of new Chairs of TC 1.7 "Photometry and Radiometry", TC 1.8 "Physicochemistry", TC 1.10 "Thermometry and Thermophysics", TC 1.12 "Reference Materials", PC 1.6.3 "Pressure", PC 1.6.5 "Density, Viscosity" and PC 1.8.3 "Non-organic analysis" and the extension of the powers of the current Сhairs of PC 1.6.4 "Hardness", PC 1.8.4 "Gas Analysis", PC 1.8.5 "Organic Analysis" and PC 1.8.6 "Bioanalysis". The accession of TC 4 "Flow Measurement" to TC 1.6 "Mass and related quantities" as a subcommittee of SC 1.6.6 was approved.

New appointments of G. Suyeubayeva (Kazakhstan) as the Chair of TG-CEEMS and a member of the Appeal Board of COOMET on the issues of comparisons of national standards and expertise of CMC and N. Zviagin (Russia) as the representative of COOMET in JCRB were approved.

Representatives of national metrological organizations-members of COOMET traditionally provided information on metrological activities in their countries.

The following specialists of the organizations of COOMET member countries were given the distinguished title "Honorary Metrologist of COOMET" for their considerable personal contribution to the work and activities of COOMET: Shahla Musayeva (Azerbaijan), Natalya Kamkova (Belarus); Aleksandr Bardonov (Belarus), Valery Hurevich (Belarus), Tamara Savina (Kyrgyz Republic), Anatolii Beskupschii (Moldova), Nikita Zviagin (Russia), Djalalkhan Arifkhanov (Uzbekistan), Lyubov Gazieva (Uzbekistan), Marat Yunusov (Uzbekistan).

According to the results of a secret closed vote held among the members of the COOMET Committee and their official representatives in accordance with the requirements of the document COOMET D1/2022 "Memorandum of Cooperation", Lazizbek Saidoripov (UzNIM, Uzbekistan) was elected the new President of COOMET (takes office from June 2024).

The next meeting of the COOMET Committee will be held in Yerevan (Armenia).

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