27th meeting of TC 1.6 "Mass and Related Quantities": 27-28 September, combined format (VNIIM, Russia & ONLINE)



21th meeting of TC 1.4 "Flow Measurement":
13 October 2023, online.

12.09.2022: 27th meeting of TC 1.12 "Reference Materials"

The 27th meeting of TC 1.12 "Reference Materials" took place on 12 September 2022 in Ekaterinburg (Russia) at the premises of UNIIM – branch of "VNIIM named after D.I.Mendeleev" in a hybrid format (both in person and in the videoconference mode on the Zoom platform).

Representatives of seven COOMET member countries took part in the meeting: Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Slovakia, Russia, Tajikistan and Turkey, as well as COOMET President V. Hurevich and Head of COOMET Secretariat N.Liakhova.

V.Hurevich welcomed the TC 1.12 members, RM specialists from COOMET member countries participating in the meeting, and highlighted the significant role of activities on reference materials in ensuring the uniformity of measurements.

Russia was presented by industry specialists from the leading metrological institutes of the country – "VNIIM named after D.I.Mendeleev" and its Ural branch, VNIIOFI, VNIIFTRI, as well as organizations which are developers of reference materials – Krastsvetmet and West-Siberian Testing Center that are Coordinators of special COOMET projects aimed at the development of metrological assurance using reference materials.

The participants of the meeting were informed about the results of the already completed and ongoing projects implemented under the auspices of TC 1.12. Proposals on new projects were discussed. The results of the reporting annual period were summed up, according to which 15 types of national RMs of Kazakhstan and Russia included in the database of the International Bureau of Weights and Measures (KCDB BIPM) were recommended for recognition as COOMET CRMs at the regular JCMS and COOMET Committee meetings in 2022.

The Program of Joint CRM Production within COOMET (COOMET P5/2022) updated as of September 2022 within the framework of ongoing COOMET project 186/RU-a/99 and the Register of COOMET CRMs (COOMET/I/RM/2:2022) were presented at the meeting. The materials will be submitted for approval at the 33rd COOMET Committee meeting (25 to 27 October 2022).

The participants of the meeting also discussed the possibility of publishing COOMET training courses in the field of activities of TC 1.12 on the BIPM e-learning platform (

Special attention was paid to the discussion of a new concept concerning legitimization of COOMET CRMs as part of the revision of COOMET Recommendation R/RM/4:2008 "Procedure of Joint Development, Recognition and Registration of Reference Materials within COOMET" (this activity is provided for in the COOMET Strategy and Development Program and is carried out within the implementation of the Plan for revision of COOMET publications on RMs for harmonization with the new versions of the ISO international standards).

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