Online meeting of TC 1.11 "Time and Frequency": 29 November 2021


16.11.2021: 18th meeting of TC 1.4 "Flow Measurement"

The 18th meeting of TC 1.4 "Flow measurement" was held online on November 16, 2021.

TC 1.4 members and their representatives from 12 COOMET member countries (Azerbaijan, Belarus, Germany, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Lithuania, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine) took part in the meeting.

The tasks of the meeting were to discuss the results of TC 1.4 activities in 2021 and development plans for 2022.

The following issues were considered at the meeting:

  • key results of COOMET TC 1.4 activities in 2021;
  • implementation of COOMET projects on comparisons within TC 1.4;
  • TC 1.4 activities related to the implementation of the CIPM MRA;
  • discussion of the necessity to develop model calibration procedures within the TC.

TC 1.4 members were provided with the information about the participation of the TC representatives in the meetings of the working bodies of international organizations and RMOs, training events.

The COOMET Secretariat made an informational report on the resolutions of the COOMET Committee, 20th meeting of the COOMET Joint Committee for Measurement Standards, provided information on changes in the TC 1.4 structure.

The participants of the meeting supported the idea to develop model calibration procedures for measuring instruments and measurement standards for units of liquid flow rate and amount.

The next TC 1.4 meeting is scheduled for the spring of 2022.

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