29-30.06.2023: meeting of TC 1.8 "Physical Chemistry"

On 29 to 30 June 2023 a TC 1.8 "Physical Chemistry" meeting was held in a hybrid format

(at FSUE "D.I. Mendeleyev Institute for Metrology" (VNIIM) and online).

Representatives of metrology organizations from 7 COOMET member countries took part in the meeting: Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, China, Moldova, Russia, Uzbekistan.


The TC 1.8 Chair Leonid Konopelko opened the meeting and outlined the main tasks for the TC 1.8 work.

During the meeting information was presented about the resolutions of the 34th COOMET Committee meeting and 23rd and 24th meetings of the Joint Committee for Measurement Standards, as well as information about the COOMET courses on the BIPM e-learning platform.

The appropriateness of preparing reference measurement procedures and the need for organizing comparisons for those measurement standards, that have never taken part in comparisons, were discussed.

Representatives of  TC 1.8, who are members of the working groups of the Consultative Committee for Amount of Substance: Metrology in Chemistry and Biology (CCQM), reported about their participation in the activities of the working groups and about the strategy of those groups: E.Sobina (working group on inorganic analysis and working group on surface analysis); O.Efremova (working group on key comparisons and CMC quality and working group on gas analysis); V.Dobrovolskiy (working group on electrochemical analysis); A.Mikheeva (working group on organic analysis); E.Kulyabina (working group on protein analysis); Y.Chubchenko (working group on isotope ratios); M.Vonskiy (working group on cell analysis and working group on nucleic acid analysis); Y. Kustikov (plenary meeting of CCQM).


Coordinators of COOMET comparisons presented brief reports about the results of the implementation of 9 ongoing COOMET projects. New COOMET projects were discussed, in particular, (1) in the field of measuring food nutritional value, (2) in the field of measuring gas permeability of rocks, (3) determination of sulphur in petroleum products, (4) in the field of measuring particle disperse parameters and in the field of electrochemistry.


At the initiative of the TC 1.8 Chair L.Konopelko, who announced early resignation, voting was conducted to elect a new TC 1.8 Chair (the candidature of Y.Kustikov was supported). ). A new Chair of SC 1.8.3 "Non-organic Analysis" (the candidature of A.Sobina was supported) was elected, and voting took place on the extension of the terms of office of the Chairs of SC 1.8.4 "Gas Analysis" A. Kolobova, SC 1.8.5 "Organic Analysis" A.Krylov, SC 1.8.6 "Bioanalysis" M.Vonskiy. The voting results will be submitted to the COOMET Committee for approval in 2024.

The TC 1.8 meeting participants expressed their gratitude to L. Konopelko for his contribution to the development of metrology in the field of chemistry and biology during his office as the TC 1.8 Chair (from 2000 to 2023).


Representatives of NMIs of COOMET member countries shared their achievements in the field of metrology in chemistry and biology and described the prospects of development of that measurement field.

It is planned to hold the next meeting of TC 1.8 "Physical Chemistry" in 2024 at FSUE "VNIIFTRI" (Mendeleyevo, Russia). The dates will be specified in due course.


A training seminar "Metrological support peculiarities for bioanalytical measurements" was held as part of the TC 1.8 meeting (speakers – M.Vonskiy, A.Runov).

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