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08.10.2020: RLMO Round Table Meeting

RLMO Round Table meeting was held on 8 October 2020 under the auspices of OIML, where representatives of all regional legal metrology organizations (RLMOs) took part alongside with CIML BIML representatives. Peter Ulbig, Chair of TC2 "Legal Metrology", represented COOMET at this meeting. Valery Hurevich, COOMET President, Nadezhda Liakhova, Head of COOMET Secretariat, and a number of representatives of BelGIM (Belarus) and VNIIMS (Russia) also participated in the meeting as observers.  


Information about the activities of all RLMOs (AFRIMETS, APLMF, COOMET, GULFMET, SIM, WELMEC) in year 2020 was presented during the meeting. Peter Mason presented information about the activity of the ad hoc OIML Group for counties and economies with emerging metrology systems (CEEMS) and Paul Dixon reported about the functioning of the OIML Certification System (OIML-CS).  A considerable part of the meeting was devoted to the following issues:

1. Under the current circumstances (pandemic, travel, financial, etc.), have RLMOs been able to conduct any business since last October (in-person and/or online)?

2. How are RLMOs coping with the pandemic situation? What short-term and long-term changes are foreseen to RLMOs? 3. How might the relationship between the OIML and the RLMOs be enhanced or augmented?

4.How might the scope of the RLMO Round Table be expanded to enhance collaboration and sharing of ideas?

5. Should the individual RLMO reporting format at future RLMO Round Table meetings be standardized in order to focus discussion on certain topics, such as:

a. Is your RLMO a legal entity? If not, are there plans to move in that direction?

b. Do you feel that there is ‘dumping’ of measuring instruments (that is, intentional sale of measuring instruments that do not meet verification requirements) going on in your region? If so, in what area(s)?

c. How do the economies in your region participate in the OIML-CS? Are there any impediments to participation? Do the economies in your region accept OIML Certificates/Test data?

6. Does your RLMO have any suggestions on how the OIML Bulletin might become more valuable to your RLMO, and to the OIML, in the future?


Discussion points, raised at the Round Table, will be debated during the online meeting of COOMET TC2 "Legal Metrology" (29 October 2020).

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