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15.09.2020: 19th online meeting of Joint Committee for Measurement Standards

19th online meeting of COOMET Joint Committee for Measurement Standards (JCMS) was held on 15 September 2020, at which Chairs of COOMET Technical Committees (TC 1.1 – TC 1.7, TC 1.9 - TC 1.12), representatives of COOMET Secretariat and Secretariats of the above TCs took part.

The following resolutions were adopted during the meeting:

  • draft COOMET Roadmap for the implementation of resolutions, related to the redefinition of the SI base units, was generally adopted and recommended for approval at the 30th COOMET Committee meeting (the content of the adopted Roadmap will further be updated, as required, but at least once every six month);
  • resolutions of the 42nd JCRB meeting were discussed and a decision was made on translation into Russian of CIPM MRA documents P-XX and CIPM MRA G-XX after their official publication (under COOMET project 794/RU/17);
  • decisions were made on updating COOMET recommendations within the responsibilities of JCMS (CООМЕТ Recommendation R/GM/7:2014 "Procedure of performing an internal review of COOMET NMIs calibration and measurement capabilities (CMCs), and an interregional review of NMIs of other regional metrology organizations"; CООМЕТ Recommendation R/GM/11:2017 "Regulations for Comparison of Measurement Standards from the National Metrology Institutes of COOMET"; CООМЕТ Recommendation R/GM/12:2015 " Rules of Maintaining of Foregoing COOMET Programme of Comparisons") in view of requirements of CIPM MRA G-XX documents;
  • conduct of the analysis of the status of works on comparisons, lasting more than 5 years within TC 1.2 – TC 1.11 was agreed, for further submission of the report to the JCRB (in view of JCRB 42/1 Resolution);
  • the progress of works on COOMET project 812/RU/20 "Development of a COOMET Recommendation on providing the traceability of measurement results/measurement standards in COOMET" was discussed and appropriateness of the discussion of proposals on the implementation of this project at TC 1.2 – TC 1.11 meetings in 2020 was agreed in terms of monitoring the traceability of COOMET measurement standards and of the need for development of methods for units dissemination;
  • draft COOMET information material on carrying out remote comparisons and calibration of NMIs measurement standards was reviewed – this draft will further be refined taking into account proposals of TC 1.6 and TC 1.11 and submitted for consideration of COOMET Presidential Council;
  • approval of two types of CRMs, developed in 2020, as COOMET CRMs was endorsed, as well as submission for approval of COOMET Committee of COOMET Information material  I/RM/2:2020 "Register of Certified Reference Materials of Composition and Properties of Substances and Materials Developed within COOMET" (as of 10.09.2020);
  • draft Plan for cooperation between COOMET and EURAMET for 2020 was discussed and taken as a basis; the need was agreed to discuss proposals on possible joint projects for the Plan for 2021 etc. at the next TC 1.2 – TC 1.11 meeting.



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