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COOMET Webinar

COOMET Webinar on the exchange of working experience with KCDB 2.0 for the Chairs of COOMET TCs: 26 January 2021


16.12.2020: 3rd annual meeting of COOMET - EURAMET delegations

The 3rd annual meeting of EURAMET – COOMET delegations was held via a videoconference on 16 December 2020.

Objective of the meeting: to discuss relevant issues and strategic fields of cooperation between EURAMET and COOMET under the Memorandum of Understanding between the RMOs.  


The meeting was attended by:

- from COOMET: Pavel Neyezhmakov – COOMET Vice-President; Sergey Golubev – COOMET Vice-President; Nino Mikanadze – COOMET Vice-President; Nadezhda Liakhova – Head of COOMET Secretariat; Yuliya Bunyayeva – National COOMET Secretariat in Ukraine, Secretary of TC 4.

- from EURAMET: Hans Arne Frøystein – EURAMET Chair; Maria Luisa Rastello – EURAMET Vice-Chair; Erkki Ikonen – EURAMET Vice-Chair; Julien Vuillemin-Toledo – EURAMET Secretariat.  


The following issues were discussed under the agenda:

  • results of cooperation in 2020 and plans for future cooperation;
  • - IX International Competition "The Best Young Metrologist of COOMET" and participation of EURAMET representatives in it;
  • - preparations for the CIPM workshop "The International System of Units (SI) in FAIR digital data", including the possibility of a joint COOMET-EURAMET session.  


EURAMET representatives also shared the information about the development of the EURAMET e-training platform (launch is planned for 2021) and about the current status of the European partnership on metrology, inter alia about the possible participation of COOMET NMIs in it.

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