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14th online COOMET TС 1.1 "General metrology" meeting:

5 October 2020



25th online COOMET TC 1.6 "Mass and related quantities" meeting & Webinar "The new definition of the kilogram and its impact to the mass metrology":
6 October 2020

COOMET webinar for discussion of the COOMET Strategy for 2020-2025

The first COOMET webinar, headed by COOMET President, Mr. Valery Hurevich, was held on 13 July 2020 on Zoom platform, at which the draft COOMET Strategy for 2020-2025 and Roadmap for its implementation, as well as the issues of the appropriateness of changing the institutional status of COOMET and its possible forms in the future were discussed. The webinar was organized by COOMET Secretariat.

38 experts from COOMET member countries took part in it, namely from Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany, Georgia, Kazakhstan, China, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Slovakia, Tajikistan, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Ukraine. Among them were COOMET Vice-Presidents, COOMET Committee members or their representatives, Chairs of COOMET Technical Committee, representatives of COOMET Secretariats and national secretariats of COOMET member countries.


COOMET Vice-President, Mr. Peter Ulbig, delivered a Presentation on the results of the External assessment “Status and Perspectives of COOMET”, which was performed in years 2018-2019 by independent experts and included personal interviews and online surveys of the participants of cooperation. The results of the External assessment had been previously discussed within the Working Group for Preparation of the COOMET Development Strategy (hereinafter referred to as the WG). The activity of this WG resulted in the formulation of the Mission and Vision of COOMET and of the following 7 strategic tasks:

А. Facilitation of international recognition of national measurement standards;

B. Facilitation of recognition of QMS of NMIs/DIs of COOMET member countries;

C. Support of COOMET member countries in gaining the status of membership in the Metre Convention;

D. Facilitation of international practice in legal metrology;

E. Facilitation of advanced training and knowledge transfer in COOMET member countries

F. Organization of innovative scientific research in the field of metrology;

G. COOMET internal development and external representation.


For the implementation of the above tasks, a draft COOMET Strategy for 2020-2025, Roadmap for its implementation and COOMET Development Program for 2020-2022 were prepared in early 2020, which underwent preliminary review among COOMET Committee members and Chairs of COOMET structural bodies.

During the webinar COOMET President, Mr. Valery Hurevich, presented to the participants draft COOMET Strategy, which was followed by its discussion. The participants of the webinar endorsed the prepared drafts in general, the whole suite of documents will be further submitted for official approval of COOMET Committee in September 2020. 


The second part of the webinar was devoted to discussing the issues of the appropriateness of changing the institutional status of COOMET and its possible forms in the future.

COOMET Vice Presidents, Mr. Peter Ulbig, Mr. Sergey Golubev, Mr. Pavel Neyezhmakov presented brief overviews of the status, financing, actions of other regional organizations (EURAMET, WELMEC, AFRIMETS, APMP and SIM) on changing their institutional status. For instance, EURAMET, WELMEC and SIM have actually been already registered as legal entities. AFRIMETS and APMP continue their consultations on this issue.

COOMET President, Mr. Valery Hurevich, spoke about the requirements of the fundamental COOMET documents, defining the membership in COOMET and the status of the organization. The representatives of the countries exchanged their views on the possible institutional status of COOMET in the future. It was noted that involvement of all national metrology institutes and designated institutes of COOMET member countries in cooperation within COOMET was crucial and extremely useful. This fact will require extensive reforms within COOMET, review of its fundamental documents, discussion of the introduction of membership fees and budgetary control, of the possible decision to establish a permanent secretariat etc. It was agreed to continue the discussion of the whole cluster of issues within the WG for Strategy (taking into account the views expressed at the webinar) and to bring it up for the discussion of COOMET Committee.


Since all members of the Working Group for Preparation of the COOMET Development Strategy were present at the webinar, after it the 5th meeting of the WG took place, where further steps for possible implementation of task 1.2.3 “Making proposals on the organizational and legal form of COOMET, including financing mechanisms” were discussed

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