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October 3-4, 2018, GEOSTM (Tbilisi, Georgia): the Annual meeting of COOMET TC 3.1 "Quality Forum Technical Committee"  



October 16-18, 2018, Baku, Azerbaijan: the Annual meeting of COOMET TC 1.3 "Electricity and magnetism"

11-th meeting

The 11-th meeting of COOMET ТС 1.3 "Electricity and Magnetism" has held in BelGIM, Republic of Belarus from 2 to October 6, 2017.
16 representatives from six countries participated in a meeting: members of TC 1.3, NMI COOMET leading experts in the Electricity and Magnetism area.

10-th meeting

The 10-th meeting of TC 1.3 «Electricity and Magnetism» has taken place 27 - 28 September 2016 in GEOSTM, Georgia, Tbilisi.

9-th meeting

The 9-th meeting of TC 1.3 “Electricity and Magnetism”  took place in IVNIIFTRI (Russian Federation, Mendeleevo, Solnechnogorsky districk, 14150, Mosсow region) on 27-28 October 2015.

8-th session

The 8-th session of COOMET TC 1.3 “Electricity and Magnetism” took place at PTB, Braunschweig, Germany on 14-16 October 2014.

7-th session

The 7-th session of the TC 1.3 was held in VNIIM (St.-Petersburg, Russia) on November 19-20.

6-th session

The 6-th session of the TC 1.3 was held on 18-19 October in Astana (Kazakhstan) on the basis of the Center of Measurement Standards on September 18-19, 2012.

5-th sesssion

The 5-th session of the TC 1.3 was held in 18-19 October in Baku, at the National Meteorological Centre under the State Committee on Standardization, Metrology and Patent of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

4-th session

The 4-th session ТC 1.3 has been spent on September, 22-23nd, 2011 in Kishinev, National institute of Standardization and Metrology of Moldova.

3-d session

The 3-d session of technical committee 1.3 Electricity and Magnetism has passed in Kiev,  "Ukrmetrteststandart", on May, 13-14th, 2009.

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