Acting Chair of TС 1.10 "Thermometry and Thermal Physics"


Belarusian State Institute of Metrology (BelGIM)


Address: 93, Starovilensky trakt, 220053, MINSK, BELARUS

Phone: +375 17 354 24 68

Email: krivonos(at)

Deputy Chair

Dr. Viktor FUKSOV

All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Metrology named after D.I. Mendeleev (VNIIM)


Address: 19 Moskovsky pr., 190005, SAINT PETERSBURG, RUSSIA

Email: fvm(at)


Ms. Svitlana FIL

National Scientific Centre "Institute of Metrology" (NSC "IM")


Address: 42 Mironositskaya Str. 61002 KHARKOV UKRAINE

Tel: +380577049782

Email: nc1.metrology(at)


Chair of the Working Group for Humidity Measurements

Mr. Mikhail VINGE

East-Siberian branch of FSUE "VNIIFTRI"


Address: 57, Borodina Str., 664056, Irkutsk, Russia

Tel.: +7 3952 46 80 26

Email: vma(at)


Main tasks and functions of TC 1.10

     The main task of TC 1.10 is organization of activity on the fields and directions of COOMET collaboration, which are included into the competence of the committee, namely: ­

  • contact thermometry; ­
  • radiation thermometry;
  • thermal physical measurements.


     In its activity TC 1.10 follows the Memorandum and the Rules of procedure of COOMET, decisions of COOMET Committee and COOMET President Board, respects COOMET documents and recommendations, recommendations and documents of international and regional organizations relating to the subjects of technical committee activity.


TC 1.10 realizes organization of collaboration by the following:

  • coordination of collaboration of national organizations that are members of COOMET in the field of thermometry and thermal physical measurements and involving scientists and specialists of organizations that are members of COOMET into cooperation;
  • generation of proposals and development of the programs of work in the field of thermometry and thermal physical measurements, and also on the separate tasks and problems of collaboration in the field; ­
  • organization and conducting scientific investigations and developments, conducting comparisons of standards, development of COOMET recommendations and settlement of other questions included in TC 1.10 competence; ­
  • establishment of interactions with corresponding international and regional organizations on the tasks and problems of collaboration, assurance of participation in realization of international treaties and agreements (for example, the Agreement on Mutual Recognition of standards (MRA) and other agreements); ­
  • coordination of activity of subcommittees and working bodies of TC 1.10;
  • assurance of interaction with other structural bodies of COOMET; ­
  • organization of TC 1.10 sessions and assurance of collaboration results agreement.


     The main functions of TC 1.10 are also the following: ­

  • generalization of collaboration results and preparation of reports on COOMET activity on the directions of collaboration according to the order determined by the Memorandum and the Rules of COOMET procedure;
  • organization of information activity and presentation of the got results of collaboration at Web-site of COOMET.


Regulations on TC 1.10

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