Chair of TC 1.3 "Electricity and Magnetism"



Belarusian State Institute of Metrology (BelGIM)


Address: 93, Starovilensky trakt, 220053, MINSK, BELARUS

Phone: +375 17 365 15 10

E-mail: yarmolovich(at)



Mr. Vadim POPKO

Belarusian State Institute of Metrology (BelGIM)


Address: 93, Starovilensky trakt, 220053, MINSK, BELARUS

Phone: +375 17 347 03 87

E-mail: vadim.popko(at)


Coordinators in the fields

"High voltage and large current" – Mr. Valeriy Kikalo (Ukrmetrteststandard, Ukraine);

Email: hivolt(at)

"Direct voltage, current and electric resistance" – Mr. Aleksandr Katkov (VNIIM, Russia);

Email: a.s.katkov(at)

"Alternating voltage, current, electric power and impedance" – Prof. Oleg Velichko (Ukrmetrteststandard, Ukraine);

Email: velychko(at)

"Radio frequency measurements" – Mr. Alexander Galygo (BelGIM, Belarus);

Email: galygo(at)

"Electric and magnetic fields" – Mr. Sergey Kolotygin (VNIIFTRI, Russia);

Email: lab202(at)

Main tasks and functions

The main tasks of TC 1.3 are:

  • coordination of cooperation of national CООМЕТ members in the specified field and on issues/problems covered by the competence of ТC 1.3 with involving scientists and experts from CООМЕТ members;
  • making proposals and developing the work programs which fall under the responsibility of the Technical Committee;
  • organizing and conducting the research and development activities and comparisons of standards;
  • establishing the links with the relevant international and regional organizations for the purpose of cooperation on certain issues and problems, participation in international arrangements and agreements [for example, Agreement on mutual recognition of standards (MRA) and further arrangements];
  • participation in drawing up the CООМЕТ documents and recommendations;
  • coordination of activities of the structural and working bodies which are directly responsible to ТC 1.3;
  • cooperation with the further structural bodies of COOMET;
  • organization of meetings of ТC 1.3 and providing opportunities for discussion of the results of cooperation;
  • organization and conducting the regional and interregional review of СМСs.


The main functions of TC 1.3 are:


  • summarizing the results of cooperation and presentation of reports on activities of ТC 1.3 in line with the provisions defined in the Memorandum and CООМЕТ Rules of procedure;
  • submitting of the annual report on activities of Technical Committee to COOMET Secretariat;
  • timely notification of the Technical Committee members about the next meetings and notification of the COOMET Secretariat about activities planned or conducted within the framework of Technical Committee;
  • dissemination of information and publishing the results of cooperation on the CООМЕТ Web-site.


Regulations of TC 1.3

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