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18th meeting of Joint Committee for Measurement Standards:

Postponed until autumn 2020



30th COOMET Committee meeting:

Postponed until autumn 2020

Chairperson of TC 1.5 "Length and Angle"

Senior Researcher Mr. Aleksandr KOSTRIKOV

NSC "Institute of Metrology"  


Address: Mironositska str., 42, 61002, Kharkiv, Ukraine

Tel.: + 38 (057) 704-97-99

Fax: + 38 (057) 243-61-93

E-mail: alex_kost(at)

Deputy Chairperson

Dr. Vladimir KUPKO

NSC "Institute of Metrology"


Address: 61002, Ukraine, Kharkov, Mironosizkaya St., 42

Phone: + 38 057 704-98-54 

Fax:     + 38 057 243-61-93

Email: volodymyr.kupko(at)

Executive Secretary

Mr. Andrey SHLOMA  

Ing. 1st cat. at NSC "Institute of Metrology"


Tel.: + 38 (057) 704-98-23  

Email: volodymyr.kupko@metrology.kharkov.u

SC 1.5.1 "Measurement of long distances outdoors"

Coordinator – Mr. Aleksandr KOSTRIKOV

Senior Researcher at NSC "Institute of Metrology"

SC 1.5.2 "Length measurements in the nanometer range"

Coordinator – Mr. Pavel TODUA

Dr. Sci. (Phys.-Math), scientific director of "The All-Russian Research Institute for Optical and Physical Measurements" ("VNIIOFI")


Address: Russia, 119361, Moscow, Ozernaya st. 46

Tel: +7 (495) 437 56 33

Email: paveltodua(at)

SC 1.5.3 "Deformation measurement"

Coordinator – Mr. Yuriy SHIMOLIN

Head of the laboratory of measurements of mass, power and linear-angular values FSUE “UNIIM”


Address: 620000, Russia, Ekaterinburg, Krasnoarmeyskaya St., 4

Tel: +7 (343) 217-48-59

Email: shimolin(at)

Main functions:

The main functions of TC 1.5 are:


  • generalization of cooperation results and preparation of reports on the activities of COOMET in areas of cooperation in accordance with the procedures established by the Memorandum and Rules of Procedure of COOMET;
  • organization of information activities and submitting the results of cooperation on the COOMET web-site;
  • development and activization of cooperation of COOMET member countries in the fixed subject field;
  • presentation of annual report about TC activities to COOMET Secretariat;
  • well-timed informing of TC members about the forthcoming meetings and also presentation of information about the planned and conducted works to COOMET Secretariat;
  • coordination of activities of structural and working bodies which are the members of TC 1.5;
  • interoperability with other structural COOMET bodies;
  • convening of TC 1.5 meetings in order to discuss the directions and results of the cooperation.


Regulations of TC 1.5

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