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18th meeting of Joint Committee for Measurement Standards:

Postponed until autumn 2020



30th COOMET Committee meeting:

Postponed until autumn 2020

Chairperson of TC 1.6 "Mass and related quantities"


National Scientific Center "Institute of Metrology" (NSC "IM")


Address: Mironositskaya str., 42, 61002, KHARKOV

Tel.: +38 057 704 97 22 / +38 057 700 34 47


Deputy Chairperson

Mrs. Viktoriya BOGDANOVA

All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Metrology (VNIIM)


Address: 190005, Russia, St.Petersburg, Moskovsky pr., 19

Tel.: +7 812 251-7601

Fax: +7 812 713-0114

Email: vikvn9(at)

Chairpersons of SCs:

SC 1.6.1 "Mass" - Irina Kolozinskaya (NSC "IM", Ukraine)

SC 1.6.2 "Force" - Georgiy Leonov (SE "Ukrmetrteststandard", Ukraine)

Email: sila(at)

SC 1.6.3 "Pressure" - Alexander Chernyshenko (VNIIM, Russia)

Email: vacuum(at)

SC 1.6.4 "Hardness" - Edward Aslanyan (VNIIFTRI, Russia)

Email: andrey_aslanyan(at)

SC 1.6.5 "Density, viscosity" - A. Demianov (VNIIM, Russia)

Email: a.a.demyanov(at)

Coordinators in the fields:

"Gravimetry" - not appointed

Main tasks

The main tasks of TC 1.6 are:


  • Implementation in the COOMET member-countries of the Arrangement on Recognition of National Measurement Standards and of Calibration and Measurement Certificates issued by NMI; 
  • Planning, organization and methodological support of COOMET key and supplementary comparisons;
  • Organization and realization of COOMET Projects concerning establishment and improvement of measurement standards or new measurement and calibration methods;
  • Generating proposals of cooperation projects and other matters concerning cooperation in the field of measurement standards, which are given in Section 4 of the COOMET Memorandum of Understanding.


Regulation of TC 1.6

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