Chair of TC 1.7 "Photometry and Radiometry"



National Institute of Metrology of the Republic of Moldova (INM-MD)


Address: E. Coca str., 28, MD 2064, CHISINAU, MOLDOVA

Tel.: + 373 22 903 141, + 373 78 212 257

E-mail: anatolii.bescupschii(at)

Deputy Chair

Being specified


General provisions, main tasks and functions


         The main task of TC 1.7 is organization of activities by the areas and fields of cooperation of COOMET, falling within the competence of the TC.      

         In its activities the TC is guided by the COOMET MoU and Rules of Procedure, decisions of the COOMET Committee and COOMET Presidential Council, COOMET documents and recommendations, recommendations and documents of international and regional organizations, related to the thematic area of activities of the structural body.


TC organizes cooperation by means of: 


• coordination of cooperation of national members organizations of COOMET in the established thematic area “Photometry and Radiometry”or tasks/problems of cooperation, falling within the competence of the TC, and involvement of scientists and experts of COOMET member countries in the cooperation;

• making proposals and development of work programs on the thematic field, tasks and problems of cooperation;

• organization and conduct of scientific research and development, carrying out of comparisons of measurement standards, preparation of COOMET recommendations and dealing with other issues, falling within the competence of the TC;

• establishment of interaction with the corresponding international and regional organizations on tasks and problems of cooperation, ensuring of participation in the implementation of international treaties and agreements (e.g. Mutual Recognition Arrangement (MRA) and other arrangements);

• coordination of activities of structural and working bodies, directly subordinate to the TC;

• ensuring interaction with other COOMET structural bodies;

• organization of  the TC meetings and ensuring the agreement of the results of cooperation.

Main functions of the TC also include:  


• summing up of the results of cooperation and preparation of reports on COOMET activities by the fields of cooperation in accordance with the procedure, established in the Memorandum and Rules of Procedure;

• organization of information activities and presentation of the results of cooperation on the COOMET web-site.

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