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21st online meeting of TC 2 "Legal Metrology": 7-8 April 2021

10th meeting of TC 1.9

Minsk, November 2010


of the 10th Meeting of  COOMET Technical Committee 1.9

"ionizing radiation and radioactivity"

2-3 November 2010 Minsk



Reports of the Chairman on COOMET activity in IR subject field in в 2009/2010 (V.Yarina)


Communication about 20th Meeting of COOMET Committee and 8th Meeting of the COOMET Joint Committee of Measurement Standards (S.Korostin)


Communication about the 25  JCRB Meetings (S.Korostin)


Communication about Meeting of WG СМС CCRI (S.Korostin)


Discussion of COOMET projects:

175/RU/99 “A status of a measurement standard base in the field of ionizing radiation and radioactivity for the countries – members of COOMET” (CMC reviewing).


Open project


Discussion of COOMET comparisons in RI field

Current and planned comparisons

1        COOMET.RI(II)-S2.Sr/Y9 (319/RU/04) “Comparison measurements of radionuclide volume sources” (Pilot –VNIIFTRI,  Russia) Current state and future.

2        COOMET RI(II)-K2.Eu-152 (423/RU/08) Activity concentration of the same Eu-152 solution (Pilot –VNIIM, Russia) Current state.  

3        410/UА/07 COOMET Regional comparisons of National standards of Co-60 gamma-radiation absorbed dose to water  (Coordinator – NSC IM, Ukraine) Current state

4        389/RU/07 Comparison of the re-entrant ionization chamber (IC) calibrations factors for the medical radionuclides ("Dosecalibrators") (Pilot –VNIIFTRI,  Russia) Future.

5        445/DE/08 “Comparison of the national standards of air kerma for Cs-137 at protection level” (L.Buermann, PTB)

6        446/DE/08, 447/DE/08 “Comparison of the national standards of air kerma for low- and medium energy x-rays” (L.Buermann, PTB)

7        462/RU/09 “Comparison of the calibration factors neutron responce/fluence for the standard neutron sources: Am-Be, Cf-252, Cf-252 in the sphere  Æ30 см filled with  D2O” (N.Moiseev, VNIIM)



Discussion of the COOMET RI CMCs in the framework of the comparisons (S.Korostin)


Future projects


COOMET Workshop for Dosimetry (discussion)


Discussion of the Draft_Recommendation about CMS_(Secretary asking)


Problems of the TC organization


Short communications of present state of IR metrology in the COOMET NMIs


Other business. Date and place of the next Meeting


Photo Report

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