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Meeting of TC 1.8 "Physical chemistry":

22-23 of May, 2019, VNIIM, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

SC2.1 projects

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Participants Sheduled starting date
2.1.1 629/RU/13 Development of proposals for optimization of legal metrology area specified in different member countries Ju. Androshchuk (VNIIMS, Russia) Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan 2013

In progress Amended Questionnaire was submitted to TC 2 members The coordinator performs the generalization of the information received.


2.1.2 715/BY/17 Translation of OIML G 19:2017 "The role of measurement uncertainty in conformity assessment decisions in legal metrology" M. Shabanov, N.Zhagora (BelGIM, Belarus Belarus, Armenia, Russia 2017 In progress The draft translation was sent to TC2 and SC2.1 for comments and suggestions. The coordinator prepares the final version of the translation.
2.1.3 716/BY/17 Development of a rules for setting up reverification and recalibration intervals for measuring instruments used in the field of legal metrology

M. Shabanov (BelGIM, Belarus)


Belarus, Armenia 2017

In progress Coordinator is waiting for information from anyone interested in.
2.1.4 n/a Preparation of the Plan for the translation into Russian of OIML publications TC 2 Chairperson TC 2 Secretariat TC 2 members 2018

In progress

2.1.5 n/a Create a database for interested and accepted rules, guides, recommendations and standards in the field of legal metrology between COOMET member-countries and other regional legal metrology organizations


TC 2 Chairperson TC 2 Secretariat


2011 to be amended in future as necessary

In progress

It is realized on the COOMET web-portal (TC2 page) by means of corresponding links to web-sites of OIML and WELMEC



Finished projects


Translation of new project of VIM N. Zhagora (BelGIM, Belarus) Belarus, Russia, Ukraine 2008 finished (see link)
- 427/BY/08 Analysis of requirements in the field of legal metrology including examples of application of these requirements to measuring instruments N. Zhagora, M.Shabanov (BelGIM, Belarus) Belarus, Russia, Ukraine 2008


(Link, only in Russian)

- n/a Analysis of OIML D16 ”Principles of assurance of metrological control” O.Khune LMET, Germany) - 2011 information was given at the Workshop
- 523/BY/11 Development of a procedure for attributing technical devices to measuring instruments M. Shabanov (BelGIM, Belarus) Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Kazhastan, Moldova, Armenia, Uzbekistan 2011



- 550/RU/12 Translation of international vocabulary of legal metrology (VIML)
Ju. Androshchuk (VNIIMS, Russia) Russia, Belarus, Uzbekistan 2009 Completed Translation is prepared Final report form is prepared
- n/a Holding of International Conference OIML-СООМЕТ "Worldwide uniform requirements on prepackages - Basis for fair trade and consumer protection Chairman TC2 BIML All interested COOMET countries 16 of May 2018 The conference was held
- n/a Holding of COOMET seminar on the OIML Certification System (OIML-CS) "Promoting Global Harmonization for Measuring Instruments" Chairman TC2 BIML All interested COOMET countries 15 of May 2018 The seminar was held
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