21.02.2024: 20th meeting of TC 1.9 "Ionizing Radiation and Radioactivity"


27.02.2024: BIPM training on e-learning for administrators and course creators

TC 4 meeting in 2023

The 20th meeting of TC 4 "Information and Training" was held on October 31, 2023 in Tashkent (Uzbekistan) in hybrid format. The meeting was attended by the representatives of 9 COOMET countries: Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, China, Cuba, Russia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan - TC 4 members and their representatives, as well as invited experts.


In accordance with the requirements to a quorum at COOMET structural bodies meetings, specified in document COOMET D5/2021, the quorum at the TC 4 meeting was achieved. TC members from 14 COOMET member-countries were appointed, 10 countries participate in calculating the quorum, 2 countries have the status of "observer" (Armenia, Bulgaria). The quorum is achieved with the participation of representatives of 7 countries. The meeting was held by the Acting TC 4 Chair, Head of COOMET Secretariat, Ainur Rakhadinova, KazStandard, Kazakhstan.


The following issues were considered according to the approved AGENDA:

1. About the results of the 34th and 35th COOMET Committee meetings regarding TC 4 activities

2. Brief report about the activities of TC4 in 2022-2023, including information: (1) on the fulfillment of activities stipulated by the plan of COOMET training events for 2023. Based on item 1.5 of TC4 Work Program, item 42 of COOMET Development Program for 2023-2025.. (2) on the results of monitoring of participation of NMI/SNI specialists of COOMET member-countries in training events, implemented within the framework of the CBKT BIPM Program Based on item 1.8, 2.3, 3 of the Work Program of TC4, item 47 of the COOMET Development Program for 2023-2025..

3. About new TC 4 members, about updating the composition of SC 4.1 - SC 4.3

4. About the implementation of the TC 4 Work Program for 2021-2023 (CООМЕТ P4/2021)

5. About the draft Plan of COOMET training activities for 2024-2025.

6. COOMET activities within the framework of the BIPM e-learning platform

7.1 Election of the TC4 Chair 

7.2 Election of the Chair of SC 4.1 "Capacity building for learning and knowledge transfer "

8. About actualization of COOMET publications

9. About the state of COOMET information resources

10. Discussion of the draft Work Program of TC4 for 2024-2026 (COOMET P4) taking into account the activities of COOMET Development Program for 2023-2025 (COOMET P1/2023), including proposals on new topics

11. Short reports on current activities in the field of information and training in COOMET countries

13. Venue and date of the next TC4 meeting


The working documents of the meeting are available on the COOMET webportal (TC 4 Section). www.coomet.net/ru/organizacija/tk-4-informacija-i-obuchenie/zasedanija/translate-to-russian-2022- december

The minutes of the meeting

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