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18-е заседание Объединенного комитета по эталонам:

31 марта 2020 г., Нур-Султан, Казахстан



30-е заседание Комитета КООМЕТ:

1-2 апреля 2020 г., Нур-Султан, Казахстан

Награждение проф. д-р Клауса-Дитера Зоммера премией Вудингтона

Вице-президент КООМЕТ, проф. д-р Клаус-Дитер Зоммер был награжден премией Вудигтона за профессионализм в области метрологии. Премия Вуднигтона, с момента ее создания в 1978 г., выдается ежегодно в память об Эндрю Дж. Вудингтоне. Научная конференция "Измерение" присуждает премию Вудингтона с целью признания члена метрологического сообщества, который демонстрирует наивысший уровень профессионализма и преданность метрологии. Претенденты на получение премии Вудингтона должны проденстрировать...

NCSLI 2011

NCSLI is celebrating its 50th birthday in 2011. On this occasion the NCSLI 2011 Conference and Exhibition themed "50 Years: Reflecting On The Past - Looking To The Future" will take place in Gaylord, Maryland on 21-25 August 2011. As already proceeded in the past years, COOMET will attend this event with a booth and several lectures.

TYPO3-Workshop for On-line Editors of the new COOMET Webportal

From 14 to 16 December 2010 a training workshop “CООМЕТ and the Internet: Towards Web-Based Information and Communication Networks” took place in PTB, Braunschweig. This training was held especially for on-line editors of Joint Committee for Measurement Standards (JCMS) and Technical Committees (TCs) for acquainting the technical committees with the new webportal and finding improved methods for the work within JCMS and TCs.

Workshop on Measurement uncertainty in the field of mass metrology

A COOMET Seminar "Measurement uncertainty in the field of mass metrology" was held from 05 to 07 October 2010 at the National Agency for Standards, Technical Regulation and Metrology“ in Tbilisi, Georgia. It included include all steps for preparing, realizing and finishing a comparison with the aim to obtain entries in the KCDB of the BIPM and therefore, was especially useful for heads and members of mass laboratories where national standards are kept.

Workshop for "Efficient presentations and intercultural awareness"

From 28 - 30 September a COOMET workshop on "Efficient presentations and intercultural awareness" took place in Minsk. This workshop was especially useful for those young metrologists who are planning to participate in the IV International Competition “Best Young Metrologist of COOMET” in 2011. 22 participants from 11 COOMET member countries attended the seminar and improved their presentation skills. ...

Workshop for COOMET Auditors


The workshop for training additional COOMET auditors for peer reviews of Quality Management Systems at NMIs according to ISO/IEC 17025 was held on 1-3 December 2009 in Chisinau, Moldova. The peculiarity of the workshop was that it consisted of the theoretical and practical parts. The following points were discussed at the workshop: Requirements of the CIPM MRA for QMS in NMIs according to ISO/IEC 17025; COOMET rules and procedures for peer review of QMS in NMIs ...

COOMET President’s Council


The 14th meeting of the COOMET President’s Council was held on 18–19 November 2009 in Braunschweig, Germany. 13th participant from 5 countries took part in PC-14. СООМЕТ continues extending and covering new countries. On 18 November 2009 the Director of the Agency for Standardization, Metrology, Certification and Trade Inspection of the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan signed MoU. Thus, Tajikistan became the 18th country to join COOMET.