18th meeting of TC 1.7 "Photometry and Radiometry" (сombined format: VNIIOFI (Moscow, Russia) and online): 12-14 October 2021



15th online meeting of TC 1.1 "General Metrology"
and webinar of implementation of the CIPM MRA documents: 15 October 2021

15.06.2021: 31st online COOMET Committee meeting (Working session)

The Working session of the 31st COOMET Committee meeting was held on 15 June 2021, at which COOMET Committee members or their official representatives from 14 countries (Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Germany, Georgia, Kazakhstan, China, Moldova, Russia, Slovakia, Tajikistan, Turkey, Ukraine) took part.


Based on the discussion of events to improve the work of COOMET the following resolutions and actions were adopted:

  • the updated Document D2/2021 "COOMET Rules of Procedure" was approved (the amendments are related to establishing the possibility of holding COOMET events online and a more detailed procedure for voting on agenda items, possibility and an algorithm for making decisions on behalf of the COOMET Committee based on the results of electronic voting, as well as refining the procedure of work with COOMET projects and approaches to drawing up and submission of the annual reports of COOMET structural bodies (CSBs)etc.);
  • the updated COOMET Document D5/2021 "Model Regulations for COOMET Structural Bodies" was approved (requirements were set for a quorum at CBSs meetings etc.);
  • approach to conducting a survey to assess the effectiveness of work of CSBs and a draft questionnaire, prepared by the COOMET Secretariat were adopted (online survey will be organized from June to October 2021 (respondents – COOMET Committee members and CSB members));
  • COOMET criteria were adopted for COOMET member countries to be classified as countries with emerging metrology systems (CEEMS);
  • the organizational structure of COOMET was updated (Subcommittees were excluded from the structure of TC 1.5 "Length and angle" and TC2 "Legal Metrology" (meanwhile fields of activities in LM were identified with simultaneous appointment of coordinators of those fields)).


An updated membership of the Working Group for Strategy was approved at the meeting, and a decision was made to hold further consultation to define the positions of COOMET member countries on the issues concerning the possible change of the institutional status, criteria for membership in COOMET, issues of funding of COOMET activities (organizers – COOMET President and Secretariat, timeframe for consultations – from June to September 2021). It was agreed to hold an extraordinary online COOMET Committee meeting for preliminary discussion of a cluster of the above issues in autumn 2021.

Preparation of the Final report and a Roadmap with proposals on implementation of the tasks of the WG for Strategy will be completed in December 2021, so as to discuss the obtained results at the COOMET Committee meeting in 2022 and decide on the appropriateness of changing the institutional status of COOMET.


The issues were considered concerning the extension of the terms of office of the current Chairs of TC 1.6 "Mass and Related Quantities", TC 1.8 "Physical Chemistry", TC 1.10 "Thermometry and Thermal Physics", SC 4.2 "COOMET Informational Resources" and SC 4.3 " Raising Proficiency Level and Work with Young Metrologists".


New Chairs of TC 1.3 "Electricity and Magnetism" (Marina Yarmolovich, BelGIM, Belarus), TC 2 "Legal Metrology" (Yuriy Kuzmenko, Ukrmetrteststandart, Ukraine) and SC 1.6.2 "Force" (Aleksandr Tsiporenko, Ukrmetrteststandart, Ukraine) were appointed for the period until June 2025, and an updated list of COOMET auditors on peer reviews of QMS of COOMET NMIs/DIs was approved (new auditor – Viktoriya Skachyok, BelGIM, Belarus).


For the considerable personal contribution to the work and activities of COOMET the Distinguished Title "Honorary Metrologist of COOMET" was given to the following experts of the organizations of COOMET member countries: Azer Gurbanov (Azerbaijan); Petr Krivonos (Belarus); Teodor Birsa (Moldova); Nikolay Moiseev (Russia).


The COOMET Committee approved the nominees for the positions of COOMET Vice-Presidents, proposed by COOMET President for a new term of his office (from 2021 to 2024), namely:

  • Evgeny Lazarenko (Russia);
  • Frank Lienesch (Germany);
  • Nino Mikanadze (Georgia);
  • Pavel Neyezhmakov (Ukraine);
  • Zhanat Begaidarov (Kazakhstan).


The next COOMET Committee meeting is scheduled for 26 October 2021 (it will be held online using the Zoom platform).

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