20th meeting of TC 1.9 "Ionizing Radiation and Radioactivity": 12 December, Online



Area: 110,860 km2

Population: 11.1 million

Capital: Havana


Information updated as of 30.04.2023.

Law on Metrology

Decree - Law No.8 Standardization, Metrology, Quality and Accreditation.

Metrological infrastructure

The National Research Institute on Metrology (INIMET) of Cuban National Bureau of Standards as NMI, is the institution responsible for measurement standards and scientific metrology.

The Center of Isotopes (CENTIS) is the designated laboratory in the field of Radioactivity. CENTIS belongs to the Agency of Nuclear Energy and Advanced Technologies of the Ministry for Science, Technology and Environment (CITMA).

The Center for Radiation Protection and Hygiene (CPHR) is a designated laboratory mainly responsible for the dosimetry standards in the field of ionizing radiation.

The institutions responsible for Legal Metrology are:  

  • Cuban National Bureau of Standards (NC) that is the National Authority and is responsible for the development of metrology and legal metrology and performs the functions of the central steering body of state administration in the field of metrology.
  • Territorial Centres of Metrology (TCM) which are subordinate institutions of NC. These institutions are charged with the following main activities:

- to verify the legal measurement instruments;

- to calibrate the working standards of measurement units (for industry);

- to calibrate the ordinary measuring instruments for customers;

- to carry out the type evaluation of measuring instruments.

TCM laboratories were accredited by ONARC according to ISO IEC 17025 standard.

  • Other institutions in the field of legal metrology are Metrological Laboratories (Industry). These institutions (established in factories or other organisation) are calibration laboratories. NC authorises some of them for verification of the specified kinds of legal measuring instruments, if necessary. The calibration of ordinary measuring instruments is performed by more than 170 calibration laboratories, established in the framework of industry or other organisations.
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