Online meeting of TC 1.11 "Time and Frequency": 29 November 2021


28-29.10.2021: meeting of COOMET TC 1.8 "Physical Chemistry"

A regular meeting of TC 1.8 "Physical Chemistry" was held online on 28-29 October 2021, at which representatives of 7 COOMET member countries took part.

Main adopted decisions:

1. To approve the activities of TC 1.8 "Physical Chemistry" during the period from May 2019 to October 2021 and to mention very active participation of TC 1.8 representatives in the activities of the working bodies of international organizations and RMOs.

2. To organize a seminar on metrology in the field of bio-analysis under the auspices of TC 1.8 in 2022.

3. To facilitate organization of traineeships for specialists from countries with emerging metrology systems (CEEMS) in order to train them and assist in preparation of calibration procedures required in the country.  

4. To identify priority activities for TC 1.8:

     - climate change and clean air;

     - energy performance;

     - metrology in medicine;

     - food safety.

5. To apply to the COOMET Committee for establishment of new subcommittees: SC 1.8.7 "Particle Characterization" and SC 1.8.8 "Isotope analysis".

6. To include the following persons, representing VNIIM, Russia, in the list of TC 1.8 technical experts on CMC review and peer review of QMS: Alena Mikheeva - in the field of organic analysis, Maksim Vonsky – in the field of bio-analysis, Yana Chubchenko – in the field of isotope analysis.

7. To continue work on the current COOMET projects, mentioned in the COOMET Program of Comparisons.

8. To endorse proposals on starting new COOMET projects on comparisons in 2022, namely:

  • pilot comparisons in the field of measuring pX activity of  sodium ions, pNa~1,1 (coordinator — VNIIFTRI, Russia);
  • key comparisons on measuring pH of a buffer solution (pH~1,65) (coordinator — VNIIFTRI, Russia);
  • pilot comparisons on measuring isotope composition of alcohol (coordinator — VNIIM, Russia);
  • pilot comparisons on measuring concentration of mycoplasma bacterial genome copies  (coordinator — VNIIM, Russia);
  • pilot comparisons "Non-organic and organic chlorides in crude oil"  (coordinator –NIM, China);
  • pilot comparisons in the field of measuring mass fractions of carbon and sulfur in steel  (coordinator – UNIIM-branch of VNIIM, Russia),

as well as COOMET.QM-K3.2022 "Key comparisons "Automotive exhaust gases" and  COOMET.QM-K118.2023 "Key comparisons "Natural gas" (coordinator – VNIIM, Russia).


During the meeting the participants exchanged information about the state and development of standard base in COOMET member countries.

The next TC meeting is scheduled for October 2022 in VNIIM (Saint Petersburg, Russia).

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