COOMET TC 1.2 meeting and seminar on the relevant issues of metrology in the AUV field

On 27-29 August 2019 at VNIIFTRI, Mendeleevo, Russia, the 14th meeting of COOMET TC 1.2 "Acoustics, ultrasound, vibration" was held alongside with a seminar on the relevant issues of metrology, problems, state and development of measurements in the field of acoustics, ultrasound and vibration in countries/regional centers, represented in COOMET.


TC 1.2 members and representatives of NMIs of the following countries took part in these events: Belarus (BelGIM), Lithuania (Vilnius Metrology Center), China (NIM, HAARI (Hangzhou Applied Acoustics Research Institute)), Russia (VNIIFTRI, VNIIM, VNIIMS), Uzbekistan (Uzbek National Institute of Metrology).

At the seminar reports were presented on the current trends of metrological control in the AUV field. The most interesting of them included reports on new methods for low frequency vibration calibration; feasibility discussion on airborne ultrasound microphone calibration using photon correlation in free-field conditions; new application of medical ultrasound (contact lithotripters, weak-focusing emitters) and problems of metrological support.

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