Meeting of the Working Group of COOMET Technical Committee TC 5 "Research & Development" and Ceremonial transfer of matters to the new COOMET Secretariat










On 05–06 July 2012 in NSC "Institute of Metrology" there was held the meeting of COOMET Technical Committee of TC 5 "Research & Development".

The participants of the meeting were:
– COOMET President Vladimir Krutikov (VNIIOFI, Russia);
COOMET Vice-Presidents:
– Klaus-Dieter Sommer (РТВ, Germany);
– Martin Halaj, (SMU, Slovakia);
– Pavel Neyezhmakov (NSC "Institute of Metrology", Ukraine);
And also representatives of COOMET Secretariat and National Secretariats from Germany, Russia and Ukraine.


At the meeting there were considered the questions, connected with the need of joint research in COOMET, there were determined common tasks and scope of European-Asian Metrology Research Venture (EAMRV), aspired social economic impact, possible styles of cooperation, procedure for determining and application of EAMRV etc.


Also at the meeting there were considered the results, received while filling in three questionnaires by the representatives of COOMET member-countries as follows:

  • Questionnaire №1 "NMI’s current research-and-development resources, capabilities, capacities and international cooperation";
  • Questionnaire №2 "Aspired capacity, capability and quality of the national calibration, measurement and testing infrastructure";
  • Questionnaire №3 "Metrology for the future and demands on joint metrological research".

There was determined the activity between the meetings.

The next meeting of TC 5 was planned within the 17th meeting of COOMET President’s Council, which will be held on 14–15 November 2012 in Lvov, Ukraine.


After finishing the discussion of questions on joint scientific research there was conducted the ceremonial transfer of matters to the new COOMET Secretariat.

On 05–06 July 2012 in NSC

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