NCSLI 2011

NCSLI is celebrating its 50th birthday in 2011. On this occasion the NCSLI 2011 Conference and Exhibition themed "50 Years: Reflecting On The Past - Looking To The Future"will take place in Gaylord, Maryland on 21-25 August 2011.


As already proceeded in the past years, COOMET will attend this event with a booth and lectures by COOMET representatives:


  • "The contribution of Metrology to Energy Research and Development" by Dr. Klaus-Dieter Sommer
  • "COOMET: Successful Cooperation on Bridgin the Gap in Metrological Infrastructure Development" by Dr. Pavel Neyezhmakov
  • "Blackbody-Based Radiometry and Radiation Thermometry developed in VNIIOFI" by Dr. Victor Sapritsky


More information on this huge event you can find at

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